New South Wales, Australia

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Cemetery Holdings
Here is a list of some of the cemetery, burial and death related records we hold in our library.  Some places that aren't  in the title are added in brackets.  Use "find" in your browser to find a cemetery name or the village, town or district.

See also the Cemetery Index  [Feb 2017 367kb .pdf]
It includes cemetery references in books, journal articles, microfiche, CDs and maps held by us.
Visitors are welcome at our library, and our friendly library volunteers will help you get the most from our holdings.

Australia General (Guides)  Australian Capital Territory
Hunter Valley NSW  Rest of NSW  Queensland
Northern Territory   South Australia
Tasmania  Victoria  Western Australia  Overseas

Australia General (Including Guides)
Australian Genealogical Computer Index Vol 3: SAGS A2/50/CD2
Cemeteries in Australia: a register of Transcripts 1985 A5/15/01
Cemeteries in Australia A5/15/02
Australian Cemeteries Index: Reg McDonnell. A5/15/03
Roma Waldron: NSW (New England area) Cemeteries and Pioneer Registers. AN5/15/CD01
Australasian Genealogical Computer Index AGCI: Volume 4 [2011]: Society of Australian Genealogists. A2/50/CD03
Photographs of a selection of Australian war memorials and cemetery graves [2016]: Rose, Robyn, comp. A5/70/CD06 [Robyn Rose]

Australian Capital Territory
St John's Churchyard: the Anglican Church of St John the Baptist, Canberra AA5/15/01
Mountain, Don: Monumental Inscriptions Australian Capital Territory including Jervis Bay. AA5/15/2

Hunter Valley NSW
Maitland Council area Cemetery register AH5/15/001
Maitland Council area Cemetery register AH5/15/001a
Branxton Catholic Cemetery AH5/15/002a
Branxton General Cemetery AH5/15/002b
Branxton General Cemetery AH5/15/002c
Black Hill Uniting Churchyard Cemetery AH5/15/003
St Andrew's Mayfield Cemetery AH5/15/004
Methodist Cemetery, Oakhampton AH5/15/005
Methodist Cemetery Oakhampton 1849-1894   [Reprint] [1984]: Simkus, Marie & Kevin, & O'Rourke, Julie. AH5/15/005a
Oakhampton Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/006
Oakhampton Methodist Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/007
Rutherford Methodist Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/008
Rutherford Methodist Cemetery AH5/15/009
Oswald, Lochinvar, Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/010
Hinton Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/011
Hinton St John's Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/012
Glendor, Marylands Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/013
Teralba-Booragul Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/014
Monumental Inscriptions index: Anna Bay, Birubi Point, Nelson Bay AH5/15/015
Tarro Cemetery AH5/15/016
Karuah Cemetery AH5/15/017
Booral C of E Cemetery AH5/15/018
Carrington Cemetery AH5/15/019
Barrington pioneer Cemetery AH5/15/020
St Paul's C of E Paterson Headstone listings AH5/15/021
St Paul's Paterson burials AH5/15/022
Moonan Brook Cemetery AH5/15/023
Merriwa C of E Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/024
Gundy C of E Cemetery Headstone listings AH5/15/025
Gundy Presbyterian Cemetery Headstone listings AH5/15/026
Bandon Grove Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/027
Greta General Cemetery Part No 1 AH5/15/028a
Greta General Cemetery Part No 2 AH5/15/028b
Robson, M: Grave Listing for the Greta General Cemetery.  AH5/15/28c
Lochinvar C of E & Catholic Cemeteries AH5/15/029
West Wallsend Cemetery AH5/15/030
West Wallsend General Cemetery: Headstone Transcriptions & burial records AH5/15/030a
Under the Shadow of a Mountain: the Story of West Wallsend Cemetery. Andrews, Anne & Baldwin, Sue: AH5/15/30b
Singleton & district Headstone Inscriptions Vol 1 AH5/15/031a
Singleton & district Headstone Inscriptions Vol 2 AH5/15/031b
Singleton & district Headstone Inscriptions Vol 3 AH5/15/031c
Singleton & district Headstone Inscriptions Vol 4 AH5/15/031d
Singleton & district Headstone Inscriptions Vol 5 AH5/15/031e
St Andrew's Bridgman Anglican Church of Australia: Headstone InscriptionsAH5/15/032
Jerrys Plains C of E Cemetery AH5/15/033
St John's Anglican Cemetery Giant Creek, near Sandy Hollow AH5/15/034
St Peter's Anglican Church Bendolba: memorials AH5/15/035
Campbells Hill C of E Cemetery AH5/15/036a
Campbells Hill RC Cemetery AH5/15/036b
Mulbring Cemetery: Methodist grave listings AH5/15/037
Wollombi Cemetery Headstone listing AH5/15/038
Millfield Cemetery Headstone listing AH5/15/039
Glenmore Cemetery AH5/15/040
Ellalong Cemetery Headstone listing AH5/15/041
Rothbury Cemetery Headstone listing AH5/15/042
Bishops Bridge Anglican Church grave listing AH5/15/043
Mount Vincent Cemetery AH5/15/044
Buttai Cemeteries: General, Elliott's, Price AH5/15/045
Brunkerville Uniting Church Cemetery AH5/15/046
St Anne's C of E Cemetery, Gresford Headstone Inscriptions AH5/15/047
Belgrave Cemetery AH5/15/048
St Mary's-on-Allyn C of E Cemetery AH5/15/049
Clarencetown Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/050
Tea Gardens Cemetery AH5/15/051
Seaham Cemetery Headstone listing AH5/15/052
Johnston's private Cemetery, Barnsley AH5/15/053
Morpeth Cemetery, C of E, Catholic & Methodist Headstone listing AH5/15/054
Morpeth Methodist Cemetery AH5/15/055
Hiland Crescent, East Maitland Headstone listing AH5/15/056
St Peter's old burial ground, East Maitland AH5/15/057
Cottage Creek Cemetery AH5/15/058
St Peter's old burial ground, East Maitland AH5/15/059
Munni Quart Pot Cemetery AH5/15/060
St Thomas C of E, Glen William AH5/15/061
Sandgate Cemetery: C of E No 1 AH5/15/062a
Sandgate Cemetery: C of E No 2 AH5/15/062b
Sandgate Cemetery: C of E No 3 AH5/15/062c
Sandgate Cemetery: RC No 1 AH5/15/062d
Sandgate Cemetery: RC No 2 AH5/15/062e
Sandgate Cemetery: RC No 3 AH5/15/062f
Sandgate Cemetery: RC No 4 & Ukranian RC AH5/15/062g
Sandgate Cemetery: Methodist No 1, No 2 AH5/15/062h
Sandgate Cemetery: Methodist No 3, No 4 AH5/15/062i
Sandgate Cemetery: Presbyterian AH5/15/062j
Sandgate Cemetery: Cong, SA, War, Bapt, General, Greek, Jewish, Chinese AH5/15/062k
Sandgate Cemetery, consolidated index AH5/15/062l
Sandgate Cemetery: memorial names WW11 AH5/15/062m
Sandgate Cemetery maps [2012]: Newcastle City Council. AH5/15/062r
Burial sites in the Hunter area AH5/15/063
Stratford, NSW, Cemetery AH5/15/064
Newcastle West Presbyterian Burial Ground 1844-1881 AH5/15/065
Newcastle West Roman Catholic Burial Ground 1842-1881 AH5/15/066
Newcastle West Wesleyan Methodist Burial Ground 1858-1881 AH5/15/067
Wesleyan Methodist burials (Hunter River Circuit) 1848-1852 AH5/15/067a
Gloucester Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/068
Burials in St Paul's Cemetery, Paterson, NSW, Part One 1839 to 1900 AH5/15/069
Burials in St Paul's Cemetery Paterson, NSW, Part Two 1901 to 1986 AH5/15/069a
Paterson General Cemetery [2001]: Jones, J.A. & D.R. (comp.). AH5/15/069b
Mayfield (North Waratah) St Andrew's Church of England: records of tombstones AH5/15/070a
Where pioneers sleep: Waratah (Mayfield) Cemetery, St Andrew's. AH5/15/070b
North Waratah (Mayfield): St Andrew's Church of England burial ground 1862-1902 AH5/15/070c
North Waratah (Mayfield) St Andrew's Church of England Burial Ground 1862-1902 AH5/15/070d
Old Wallsend Cemetery 1863-1896, Book 1 AH5/15/071a
Old Wallsend Cemetery 1863-1896, Book 2 - Part 1 AH5/15/071b
Old Wallsend Cemetery 1863-1896, Book 2 - Part 2 AH5/15/071c
Old Wallsend Cemetery AH5/15/071d
Old Wallsend Cemetery AH5/15/071e
Wallsend Cemetery: additional burials AH5/15/071f
Clarencetown General Cemetery and St John's Anglican Church AH5/15/072
Christchurch Cemetery AH5/15/073
Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle: Headstones & burials AH5/15/073a
Christchurch, Newcastle NSW: miscellaneous burials AH5/15/073b
Minmi Cemetery AH5/15/074
A Private Town, a Private Cemetery: Minmi. AH5/15/74a
Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery AH5/15/075
Regulations for the burial grounds at Stockton, Charlestown and Sandgate [extracts from NSW Government Gazette 1898-1907]: NSW Department of Lands. AH5/15/075
Bishops Bridge Cemetery 1988 AH5/15/076
West Wallsend grave digger's record book AH5/15/077
West Wallsend grave digger's record book AH5/15/078
Cemeteries in the Hunter Valley: National Trust AH5/15/079
Burials in C of E Cemetery, New England Highway, Scone, NSW AH5/15/080a
Scone shire memorials Vol 3 AH5/15/080b
Scone town memorials Vol 1 AH5/15/080c
St Luke's church, Scone AH5/15/080d
Aberdeen Cemetery, Segenhoe Street, Aberdeen NSW AH5/15/081
Murrurundi memorials AH5/15/082
Raymond Terrace pioneer Cemetery AH5/15/083
West Wallsend Cemetery AH5/15/084
Stroud General Cemetery AH5/15/085
Summer Hill Catholic Cemetery AH5/15/086
Headstone Inscriptions: demolition yard, East Maitland AH5/15/087
Newcastle & Hunter columbaria AH5/15/088
St Peter's, East Maitland: columbarium photographs AH5/15/088a
Catherine Hill Bay General Cemetery AH5/15/089
Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery: Headstone photographs AH5/15/089a
Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery: Headstone photographs - negatives AH5/15/089b
Stockton Cemetery AH5/15/090
St John the Baptist Anglican Church, Lambton: memorial garden AH5/15/091
East Maitland Cemetery Vol 1 AH5/15/092a
East Maitland Cemetery Vol 2 AH5/15/092b
Paterson Cemetery, Webbers Creek Road, Paterson AH5/15/093
Wallsend General Cemetery, Sandgate Road, Wallsend Vol 1 AH5/15/094a
Wallsend General Cemetery, Sandgate Road, Wallsend Vol 2 AH5/15/094b
Burials in Wallsend Cemetery NSW 1896-2008: M. Parsons & I. Lyons. AH5/15/094a-c
Tombstone Inscriptions for Whitebridge Cemetery AH5/15/095
Tombstone Inscriptions for Belmont Cemetery AH5/15/096
Belmont Cemetery: an index of memorials AH5/15/096a
Gresford Catholic Cemetery AH5/15/097
Anglican Church of St John's Cemetery, Lostock AH5/15/098
Jupp Cemetery, Gresford AH5/15/099
Hunter Valley Small Cemeteries, Lone Graves & Graves on Private Properties. AH5/15/100
(Includes Thorthwaile, Upper Hunter; Old Merton, Denman; Salisbury, Rumbel's Private;
Lemon Grove Chichester; Concac Station Private Barrington; Lawrence Private, Mount Rivers: Glenbawn; Dart Brook Private; Carrington General; Giant Creek St John's Anglican near Sandy Hollow; Cooranbong RC; Cessnock Lonely Graves;
Hunter Graves; Lone Graves.)

Toronto Headstone Transcriptions AH5/15/101
Headstone Inscriptions & recorded burials Morpeth & Hinton AH5/15/102
Cemeteries of Gresford & the surrounding districts AH5/15/103
Small Cemeteries of the Hunter Valley: a consolidation AH5/15/104
Dungog General Cemetery AH5/15/105
Dungog General Cemetery, Vol 1 AH5/15/105a
Dungog General Cemetery, Vol 2 AH5/15/105b
Where pioneers sleep: Old Wallsend Cemetery, Part 1 AH5/15/106a
Where pioneers sleep: Old Wallsend Cemetery, Part 2 AH5/15/106b
Where pioneers sleep: Hexham (Tarro) Cemetery AH5/15/106c
Where pioneers sleep: Newcastle Cathedral Cemetery, Part 1 AH5/15/106d
Aberdare combined Cemetery AH5/15/107
Maitland Jewish Cemetery AH5/15/108
Graves of pioneers & their families in small Cemeteries of Williams & Paterson valleys AH5/15/109
Big Hill. A Tribute to the Pioneers Interred in Teralba & District Cemeteries AH5/15/110
Teralba Cemetery: photographs of existing headstones.  AH5/15/110a [M Parsons]
Gail Orchard: Tarro Cemetery.  AH5/15/111
Robson, Margaret: Burials in Stockton Cemetery NSW 1890-2005. AH5/15/112
Inquests for Wollombi & District 1840-1901 AH5/55/10
Death in the Hunter: Inquests Maitland 1843-1942: the names AH5/55/11a
Death in the Hunter: Inquests Maitland 1843-1942: the rports AH5/55/11b
Index to Death Notices & News Items in Coalfields Newspapers AH5/12/17
Mining Fatalities 1843-1878 AH5/12/18
James Murray, Funeral Directory, Index 1915-1949 AH5/18/1
Cessnock cemetery AH5/15/M3

Sandgate cemetery index to burials 1881-1985 AH5/15/M1
Sandgate cemetery: all denomination & War Cemetery Burials 1881-1985 AH5/15/M2
Morpeth & Hinton headstone inscriptions AH5/15/102 + On Computer
Kurri Kurri Cemetery. On Computer
Nulkaba cemetery AH5/15/M3
Newcastle Crematorium & Memorial Gardens Index to 30/6/1999 On Computer
Gloucester & Stratford Cemeteries Headstone Inscriptions On Computer
Maitland Cemetery Burial Register AH5/15/1 + On Computer
Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery. Gravestone Inscriptions: NFHS. AH5/15/CD5
Small Cemeteries of the Hunter Valley. A Compilation: NFHS. AH5/15/CD6
Newcastle West Burial Grounds 1. Pres (1844-81) 2. RC (1842-81) 3. Wes Meth (1858-81): Sheehan E. ed. AH5/15/CD7
"Old" Wallsend Cemetery 1863-1896: Sheehan E. ed. AH5/15/CD8
St Andrew's Church of England Burial Ground, North Waratah (Mayfield) 1862-1902: Sheehan E. ed. AH5/15/CD9
Branxton General & Catholic Cemeteries Grave Listings: Delaney J. & Robson M. comp. AH5/15/CD10
Greta General Cemetery Grave Listing: Delaney J. & Robson M. comp. AH5/15/CD11
Burials in Stockton Cemetery NSW 1890-2005: Robson M. comp. AH5/15/CD12
St Andrew’s C of E Bishops Bridge Burial Ground AH5/15/43 + AH5/15/CD3 + On Computer
Anna Bay Lawn Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions & Photographs: Port Stephens FHS. AH5/15/CD13
The Graveyard & Its Stories: Camberwell District, St. Clements: Garvie, Carol. AH5/15/113
Bulahdelah Cemetery Headstone listing AH5/15/114
Dungog Shire Columbariums & Garden Plaques: Maitland FHC. AH5/15/115
Nelson Bay Cemetery, Carumbah Bushland Memorial Gardens & Columbarium: Port Stephens FHS. AH5/15/CD14
Burials in Wallsend Cemetery New South Wales: Compiled by M. Parsons & I. Lyons. AH5/15/CD15
Lawn cemetery Muswellbrook NSW: Bell, Denise comp.  AH5/15/116a
Columbarium Lawn Cemetery Muswellbrook NSW: Bell, Denise comp.  AH5/15/116b
Muswellbrook Cemetery photos: [database and maps] 2009 [3 DVDset]: Muswellbrook FHS. AH5/15/CD16
Denman Cemetery: [database photos and maps] 2009 [2 DVD set]: Muswellbrook FHS. AH5/15/CD17
Fly Point Burial Ground, Nelson Bay [2011]: Gaudion, Denise & Port Stephens FHS. AH5/15/106
Maitland Jewish Cemetery: a monument to dreams and deeds [2010]: Wilton, Janis. AH5/15/117 
Kurri Kurri Methodist Cemetery headstone transcriptions [2004]: Hamer, Lynette, comp. AH5/15/118
Booral Cemetery headstone transcriptions [2000]: Maitland Family History Circle. AH5/15/119

Cessnock Combined Cemeteries: including Blackhill, Branxton, Brunkerville, Buttai, Cessnock (Aberdare & Nulkaba), Ellalong, Glenmore Private, Greta, Kurri Kurri, Millfield, Mt Vincent, Mulbring, Rothbury, Wollombi [2012]: Cessnock District H & FHS. AH5/15/CD18
Cessnock deaths: 1918-1928 Volume 2 [2011]: Cessnock District H & FHS. AH5/12/CD08
Cessnock deaths: 20.10.1908 - 24.05.1917 [2011]: Cessnock District H & FHS. AH5/12/CD07
Deaths & obituaries from The Cessnock Eagle 1949 [2011]: Cessnock District H & FHS. AH5/12/CD05
Deaths & obituaries from The Cessnock Eagle 1950 [2011]: Cessnock District H & FHS. AH5/12/CD06
R M Evans & Sons Funeral Directors records index 1926-1991 [2014]: Lake Macquarie FHG. AH5/18/02
God's acre: religion comes to the bend in the river: a history of the Anglican Parish at Beresfield  [Includes list of burials in Tarro (Hexham) Cemetery] rev. edn [2015]: Orchard, Gail. AH7/85/25
Interred at Inverell: 150 years of Inverell Cemetery [2013]: Inverell District FHG. AN5/15/227
Three cemeteries of the Upper Hunter: Giant's Creek, Mount Dangar [and] Wybong [2015] [Photos of graves on DVD at AH5/15/ CD19 ]: Ahearn, Lionel & Meissner, Garry. AH5/15/120
Three cemeteries of the Upper Hunter: [Supplement to the book of the same title at AH5/15/120) with photos of graves] [2015]: Ahearn, Lionel & Meissner Garry. AH5/15/CD19
Denman Cemetery update [maps and database] [2015]: Muswellbrook FHS. AH5/15/CD17a
Muswellbrook Cemetery update 2009 to 2015 & Kayuga Cemetery [2015]: Muswellbrook FHS. AH5/15/CD16a
Raymond Terrace Historical Cemetery: list of graves [1975]: Port Stephens Shire Council. AH5/15/083b

Rest of NSW
Sleeping city AN5/15/001
Moorefields Cemetery records AN5/15/002
Monumental Inscriptions: Young AN5/15/003
Burials in Young Shire and Surrounding Areas. Young FHG AN5/15/3a
Monumental Inscriptions: Goulburn AN5/15/004
Gogerly family Cemetery, Booti Booti AN5/15/005
Colonial era Cemetery of Norfolk Island AN5/15/006
Botany Cemetery: Transcripts of Catholic Inscriptions AN5/15/007a
Pioneer Memorial Park at Botany Cemetery AN5/15/007b
Botany Cemetery Transcriptions of C of E AN5/15/007c
Botany Cemetery: monumental Inscriptions in General sections AN5/15/007d
Botany Cemetery: Transcripts of Cong, Pres, Meth, etc AN5/15/007e
Buried at Botany: a cemetery comes alive [2012]: Cape Banks FHS. AN5/15/007f
Walgett Cemetery AN5/15/008
Monumental Inscriptions: Gundagai North & South AN5/15/009
Transcripts of Mudgee Cemeteries Vol 1: General AN5/15/010a
Transcripts of Mudgee Cemeteries Vol 1: RC AN5/15/010b
Transcripts of Mudgee Cemeteries Vol 1: Anglican AN5/15/010c
Nepean FHS: record series 1 AN5/15/010d
Nepean FHS: record series 3 AN5/15/010e
Nepean FHS: record series 4 AN5/15/010f
Nepean FHS: record series 5 AN5/15/010g
Nepean FHS: record series 7 AN5/15/010h
Nepean FHS: record series 8 AN5/15/010i
Nepean FHS: record series 10 AN5/15/010j
Nepean FHS: record series 13 AN5/15/010k
Nepean FHS: record series 15 AN5/15/010l
Greendale Cemetery, NSW AN5/15/011
Cemeteries of Outer Districts of Grafton: H. Clancy (comp). AN5/15/011a
Old Grafton Cemetery: Villiers Street: H. Clancy (comp). AN5/15/011b
South Grafton Cemetery 2nd edn: H. Clancy (comp). AN5/15/011c

Woodstock Congregational Cemetery, NSW AN5/15/012
Woodstock Cemetery.  AN5/15/12a
Official opening Pioneer Park, Gosford 1977 AN5/15/013
Point Frederick Pioneer Park, Gosford AN5/15/013a
Macquarie FHS: Cemetery records Vol 1 AN5/15/014a
Macquarie FHS: Cemetery records Vol 2 AN5/15/014b (incl Cobbora, Elong Elong,  Yeoval, Obley, Binnaway, Denison, Leadville, Mendooran, Dunedoo, Cassilis, Merriwa RC, Uarbry, Ulan + var private cemeteries & isolated graves.)
Dubbo FHS: Cemetery records Vol 3(var Coonabaraban, Baradine, Binnaway, + Nandi private, Belar Ck private) AN5/15/014c
Cemetery records Vol 4: Warren Shire AN5/15/014d
Cemetery records, Vol 5: Dubbo AN5/15/014e
Coolah & Shire Cemetery records Vol 6 AN5/15/014f
Peak Hill Cemetery records AN5/15/014g
Cemetery & burial records Vol 8: Gilgandra AN5/15/014h
Cemetery & burial records, Vol 9: Cobar AN5/15/014i
Monumental Inscriptions: Braidwood AN5/15/015
Point Clare Cemetery: Bapt, SDA, Pres, Meth sections AN5/15/016a
Point Clare Cemetery: Roman Catholic sections AN5/15/016b
Point Clare Cemetery: General lawn sections 1-3 AN5/15/016c
Cemeteries at Come-by-Chance and Goangra AN5/15/017
Cemeteries at Gundaroo AN5/15/018
Guyra HS: monumental achievement: journal No 8 (over 30 places incl Guyra, Ben Lomond, Black Mountain, Ebor, Moredun, Ollera, Wongwibinda & Wandsworth + var private cemeteries & isolated graves.)  AN5/15/019
Murrumbateman Cemetery, NSW AN5/15/020
Bombala Jewish Cemetery AN5/15/021
Woonona memorial park Cemetery records AN5/15/022
Cemetery at Parkesbourne, NSW AN5/15/023
Cemetery at Turalla, near Bungendore, NSW AN5/15/024
Cemetery at Tarago, NSW AN5/15/025
Cemetery on the Yass Road near Gundaroo, NSW AN5/15/026
Uniting Church Cemetery at Collector, NSW AN5/15/027
Cemetery at St Matthias Anglican Church, Currawang, NSW AN5/15/028
Conjola General Cemetery, Fisherman's Paradise: headstones and inscriptions [2010]: Moss, Christine. AN5/15/CD28
Cemetery at The Hermitage, Currawang, NSW AN5/15/029
Manning Great Lakes Memorial Gardens, Taree [n.d.]: Taree Family History Inc. AN5/15/CD29
Cemetery at Bevendale, NSW AN5/15/030
Dalton Cemetery, NSW AN5/15/031
Palmdale, Ourimbah crematorium & lawn Cemetery Transcriptions AN5/15/032
Yarramalong Cemetery: St Barnabas AN5/15/033
Yarramalong Cemetery: General AN5/15/034
Batemans Bay burial records AN5/15/035
Parramatta Cemeteries: St John's AN5/15/036a
Parramatta Cemeteries: St Patrick's AN5/15/036b
Parramatta Cemeteries: Mays Hill AN5/15/036c
Unmarked graves in Western Road Cemetery, Mays Hill [Supplement]: Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery. AN5/15/036d
Parramatta Cemeteries: All Saints and Wesleyan: J. Dunn and R. Morris. AN5/15/036e
Wamberal Cemetery, Vol 1 AN5/15/037a
Wamberal Cemetery, Vol 2 AN5/15/037b
Wamberal Cemetery, Vol 3: Church of England section AN5/15/037c
Wamberal Cemetery, Vol 4: General Lawn 2 AN5/15/037d
Burials in the Grafton district 1850-1896 AN5/15/038
Burials in the Grafton district 1850-96: alphabetical list AN5/15/039
Quirindi Presbyterian Cemetery AN5/15/040
Hobbys Yards, Blayney, Cemeteries AN5/15/041
Nepean FHS: Cemetery & parish register holdings AN5/15/042
Gulgong General Cemetery AN5/15/043
Bourke Cemeteries: outlying areas AN5/15/044
Catalogue of NSW Cemetery records at Newcastle LDS FH library AN5/15/045
Pioneers down under, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Kogarah: background stories about those who lie buried in the graveyard [2003]: Hurstville FHS. AN5/15/045
Randwick General Cemetery AN5/15/046
Liverpool General Cemetery AN5/15/047
Liverpool General Cemetery Vol 2: Anglican 1894-1992 AN5/15/047a
Liverpool General Cemetery Vol 2: Anglican 1894-1992, index AN5/15/047b
Liverpool General Cemetery Vol 3 AN5/15/047c
Liverpool General Cemetery Vol 4 AN5/15/047d
Liverpool General Cemetery, Vol 5: Catholic section 1894-1992 (Part 1) AN5/15/047e
Liverpool General Cemetery, Vol 6: Catholic section 1894-1992 (Part 2) AN5/15/047f
Church Cemeteries of Bulli, Woonona & Corrimal AN5/15/048
Shire of Tumbarumba Cemeteries Transcripts AN5/15/049
Cemetery Transcriptions of the Berrima District. AN5/15/50
Narooma, Nerrigundah & Tilba Cemetery listing AN5/15/051
Gravestone Inscriptions NSW Vol 1: Sydney burial ground AN5/15/052
Monumental Inscriptions: Monaro AN5/15/053
Castle Hill Cemetery AN5/15/054
Catholic burials, West Street, Casino AN5/15/055
West Street Cemetery, Casino, excluding Catholic Sections [3rd edn 2001]: Casino & District FHG. AN5/15/055a
Kyogle Cemetery Inscriptions AN5/15/056
Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery AN5/15/057
Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery: Anglican AN5/15/057a
Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery: Catholic AN5/15/057b
Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery; other denominations AN5/15/057c
Wagga Wagga Lawn Cemetery, Vol 2. AN5/15/57e
Headstones & Plaques in the City of Wagga Wagga. AN5/15/57e
Cemeteries of Culcairn Shire. AN5.15/57f
Headstones & Plaques in the Lockhart Shire. AN5/15/57g
Headstones and Plaques in the Shire of Urana.  AN5/15/57h
Headstones and Plaques in the Shire of Gundagai. AN5/15/57i
Headstones and Plaques in the Shire of Holbrook. AN5/15/57j
Headstones and Plaques in the Shire of Junee. AN5/15/57k
Lismore burial & cremation records Part 1 AN5/15/058a
Lismore burial & cremation records Part 2 AN5/15/058b
Some small Cemeteries of NSW Vol 1 (95 Places, incl. many private burial grounds) AN5/15/059
Bradys Gully Cemetery Transcripts AN5/15/060
Randwick Destitute Children's Asylum deaths & burials 1853-1916 AN5/15/061
Churchyard Cemetery, St John's Camden AN5/15/062a
Camden General Cemetery AN5/15/062b
Camden Catholic Cemetery AN5/15/062c
Camden area church Cemeteries AN5/15/062d
Camden Catholic Cemetery. Camden Area FHS. AN5/15/062e
Camden General Cemetery. Camden Area FHS. AN5/15/062f
St Stephen the Martyr C of E Cemetery Penrith: unmarked graves AN5/15/063
Galong Cemetery AN5/15/064
Bingara burial records AN5/15/065
Warialda New Cemetery Transcriptions & burial register c1895-1990 AN5/15/066
Texas & district burial sites AN5/15/067
Goondiwindi HS Cemetery records AN5/15/068
Liverpool Pioneers' Memorial Park AN5/15/069
St Jude's Cemetery,Randwick AN5/15/070
Monumental Inscriptions: Yass AN5/15/071
Burials at Nundle, Bowling Point Alley and Hanging Rock AN5/15/072
Lone graves & precious memories:Bowling Alley Pt, Goonoo Goonoo, Hanging Rock, Nundle AN5/15/072a
Port Macquarie: the winding sheet AN5/15/073
Port Macquarie's second burial ground: if I could just see your face [2007]: Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. AN5/15/73b
Wilberforce, Ebenezer & Pittown Cemetery listings AN5/15/074
Colonial era Cemetery of Norfolk Island AN5/15/075
Adelong Cemetery: additions, amendments, unmarked graves AN5/15/076
Adelong Cemetery 1861-1987 AN5/15/076a
Tumut Pioneer Cemetery AN5/15/076b
Small Cemeteries and isolated graves of the Tumut district AN5/15/076c
Burial records: index AN5/15/077a
Burial records: Scotts Creek, Mitchells Island, Oxley Island AN5/15/077b
Burial records: Gilwarra, Woola, Taree Estate AN5/15/077c
Gilwarra, Taree Estate, Woola Cemeteries Burial Records: Manning Wallamba FHS. AN5/15/77c
Burial records: Tinonee, The Bight, Bo-Bo, Easton, Murray Hill etc AN5/15/077d
Burial records: Coopernook, Moorland, Harrington AN5/15/077e
Burial records: Lansdowne AN5/15/077f
Burial records: Wingham Anglican (old section) AN5/15/077g
Burial records: Wingham Beams (new section) AN5/15/077h
Burial records: Wingham - other denominations AN5/15/077i
Burial records: Killabakh, Marlee, Woodside AN5/15/077j
Burial records: Redbank AN5/15/077k
Burial records: Failford, Willow Point AN5/15/077l
Burial records: Krambach AN5/15/077m
Burial records: Dawson Book 1 AN5/15/077n (formerly Cundletown Cemetery)
Burial records: Dawson Book 2 AN5/15/077o
Burial records: Dawson Book 3 AN5/15/077p
Burial records: Dawson Book 4 AN5/15/077q
Burial records: Dawson Book 5 AN5/15/077r
Burial records: Dawson Book 6 AN5/15/077s
Burial records: Dawson Book 7 AN5/15/077t
Burial records: Dawson Book 8 AN5/15/077u
Burial records: columbaria in church yards, graves on private property, Norwood AN5/15/077v
Burial records: Tuncurry & Coolongolook AN5/15/077w
Burial records: Forster & Tuncurry AN5/15/077x
Clarence River Register No 7: deaths & burials 1900-1905 AN5/15/078
Gunnedah's lost folks AN5/15/079
Cemetery on the road to Gurrundah, near Breadalbane, NSW AN5/15/080
Bungendore Cemetery, NSW AN5/15/081
Cemetery at Mutmutbilly AN5/15/082
Greendale Cemetery, NSW AN5/15/083
Cemetery at Goonyan, NSW AN5/15/084
Cemetery at Merrilla, NSW AN5/15/085
Cemetery at St John's Anglican Church, Lake Bathurst, NSW AN5/15/086
Cemetery at Kippilaw, NSW AN5/15/087
Tamworth Jewish Cemetery AN5/15/088
Goulburn Jewish Cemetery AN5/15/089
Batlow Cemetery AN5/15/090
Helensburgh Cemetery AN5/15/091
Scarborough-Wombarra Cemetery AN5/15/092
Deaths at the Coast Hospital and burials at Little Bay 1881-1952 AN5/15/093
St Thomas Church of England Cemetery, Upper Mangrove Creek AN5/15/094
Lisarow Anglican Cemetery: monumental Inscriptions and unmarked graves AN5/15/095
South Kincumber Inscriptions and index AN5/15/096
St Paul's Church of England Cemetery Kincumber. Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/096
Holy Cross Catholic Church and Cemetery Kincumber South. Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/096c
Gravestones of the Hawkesbury (Pitt Town; St James; Scots Ch; McGraths Hill Wesleyan; St Phillips Nth Richmond; Belmont Park; Londonderry; Jersey St Richmond; Maroota General; Lower Portland; Comleroy Rd Methodist; Sackville Methodist; Ebenezer) NAN5/15/098
Bega Valley Shire Monumental Inscriptions, Book 3 AN5/15/099a
Bega Valley Shire Monumental Inscriptions, Book 4 AN5/15/099b
Bundarra Cemetery AN5/15/100
Attunga Cemetery AN5/15/101
Boggabri Cemetery AN5/15/102
Boggabri Cemetery Transcriptions AN5/15/102a
Breeza Cemetery AN5/15/103
Wilberforce Cemetery AN5/15/104
St Matthew's, Windsor AN5/15/105
Emmaville Cemetery AN5/15/106
Wee Waa Cemetery AN5/15/107
Narrabri Cemetery AN5/15/108
Wallabadah Cemetery AN5/15/109
Woolbrook Cemetery AN5/15/110
Nowendoc Cemetery AN5/15/111
Manilla Cemetery AN5/15/112
Quirindi Cemetery AN5/15/113
Werris Creek Cemetery AN5/15/114
Winton Cemetery AN5/15/115
Willowtree Cemetery AN5/15/116
Pilliga Cemetery AN5/15/117
Currabubula Cemetery AN5/15/118
Quipolly Cemetery AN5/15/119
Moonbi Cemetery AN5/15/120
Tamworth lawn Cemetery AN5/15/121
Tamworth Headstone Transcriptions AN5/15/121a
Monumental inscriptions of Tamworth Cemetery: Catholic [1992]: Tamworth & District FHG. AN5/15/121b
Monumental inscriptions of Tamworth Cemetery: Church of England [1996]: Tamworth & District FHG. AN5/15/121c
Monumental inscriptions of Tamworth Cemetery: Other denominations [1992]: Tamworth & District FHG. AN5/15/121d
Small cemeteries in the Tamworth District [1994]: Hodkinson, Ian, comp. AN5/15/121e

Tombstone Transcriptions of the Hartley Valley Cemeteries AN5/15/122
Macleay River Cemetery Transcriptions, Vol 1: East Kempsey AN5/15/123a
Macleay River Cemetery Transcriptions, Vol 2: West Kempsey AN5/15/123b
Macleay River Cemetery Transcriptions, Vol 3: Frederickton AN5/15/123c
East Kempsey Cemetery transcription  rev. edn [2011]: Hoole, Judy, comp. AN5/15/123e
Frederickton Cemetery transcription  2nd edn [2012]: Hoole, Judy, comp. AN5/15/123f
Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901 (Elizabeth and Devonshire Streets) AN5/15/124

Kangaroo Valley Cemetery and memorials AN5/15/125
Parramatta Methodist Cemetery burials Dec 1841-June 1946 AN5/15/126
St Thomas Enfield: a matter of grave importance AN5/15/127
Burials in County Argyle NSW 1856-1918 AN5/15/128
St Saviour's Church of England Punchbowl burial records AN5/15/129
St Paul's Church of England Canterbury burial records AN5/15/130
Burial index of Wyalong and districts 1894 to 1918 AN5/15/131
Kogarah pioneers down under:stories of those buried in St Paul's Anglican Church, Kogarah AN5/15/132
Hurstville Pioneers Down Under. AN5/15/133
Burials in Currawong, Stockinbingal, Wallendbeen & Wombat Cemeteries. AN5/15/134
Burial Records of St Mark’s Anglican Churchyard, Picton.  AN5/15/135
A Stroll through St Mark’s Churchyard, Picton.  AN5/15/136
West of the Ranges Cemeteries. AN5/15/137
Coraki Cemetery.   AN5/15/138
Inverell Cemetery, Church of England Section. AN5/15/139a
Inverell Cemetery, Roman Catholic Section. AN5/15/139b
Inverell Country Cemeteries. AN5/15/139c
Inverell Cemetery, New General Section. AN5/15/139d
Blue Mountains Vol v Lawson, Hazelbrook AN5/15/140a
Blue Mountains Vol x Katoomba General, Independent & Columbariums AN5/15/140b
Blue Mountains Vol xii Katoomba Catholic AN5/15/140c
Tingha Cemetery Transcriptions. AN5/15/141a
Tingha Cemetery Burials. AN5/15/141b
Fernment Cemetery.  AN5/15/142 [P Peterson]
NSW Small Cemeteries, Lone Graves & Graves on Private Properties. AN5/15/143
Includes Blackman Flat near Lithgow; Blackville near Quirindi; Bookman near Yass;
Argents Hill, Nambucca; Ballata near Narrabri; Lone Graves Narrabri Shire;
Tomakin South Coast; Running Stream naer Rylestone; Coonamble; Copeton Dam;
Gerringong, St George's C of E, Gwabegar, near Coonamble;Milton Ulladulla Burials 1901;
J Jamiesons RC near Penrith; Niangala near Tamworth; Arkell Long Swamp;
Ingalaba Private near Walcha; Tambour Springs; St Albans, Wollombi Road, Private.
Bowraville Cemetery.  AN5/15/144
Gunning Catholic & General Cemetery. AN5/15/145
Some Cemeteries in NSW. AN5/15/146a
(Includes Binalong; Bowning; Canberra Area; Dorrigo; Hillgrove; Jugiong;
Kincumber St Paul's C of E; Lake Bathurst near Goulburn St John's.)
Some Cemeteries in NSW Part 2. AN5/15/146b
(Includes Portland St Stephen's Anglican; Quirindi St Alban's;
St Marys St Mary Magdaline; Sofala; Trunkey Creek; Ulmarra;
Wiseman's Ferry records of burials; Yass River Road Church.)
Nambucca River Cemetery Transcriptions: Vol 1 Macksville. Hoole, JudyAN5/15/147a
Bryant, Tom: Gone but not Forgotten: biographical register of burials in the Windellama district. AN5/15/148.
McHardy, C & N: Sacred to the memory… a study of Wilberforce Cemetery. AN5/15/149
Forbes Cemetery: unmarked graves 1861-1919. AN5/15/150
Cowra FHG: Frogmore and Hovell’s Creek Burials. AN5/15/151 [K Lynch]
Pearce Family Cemetery, Baulkham Hills. AN5/15/152
St Thomas Church, Sackville Reach. AN5/15/153
Hawkesbury Cemeteries. AN5/15/153
Penrith Cemetery: Anglican 1, 2, 3, Monumental Inscriptions and Burial Register. AN5/15/154a
Penrith Cemetery: Uniting, Presbyterian & Salvation Portions. AN5/15/154b
Penrith Cemetery: Roman Catholic 1, 2, 3. AN5/15/154c
Penrith Cemetery: Independent General & Independent Lawn Section. AN5/15/154d
Riverstone Cemetery: C of E Monumental Inscriptions & Data from registers. AN5/15/155a
Riverstone Cemetery: RC Monumental Inscriptions & Data from Registers. AN5/15/155b
Riverstone Cemetery: Presbyterian, Methodist, Non-Sectarian Monumental Inscriptions. AN5/15/155c
Smithfield Cemetery: St James C of E. AN5/15/156a
Smithfield Cemetery: General. AN5/15/156b
Smithfield Cemetery: Methodist. AN5/15/156c
Rouse Hill Cemetery. AN5/15/157
Castle Hill: St Paul's C of E Cemetery. AN5/15/158
Berry General Cemetery - 7 vols. Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/168a-g
Monumental Inscriptions and Burial Harden Shire Cemeteries. HAGSOC. AN5/15/169
From the Mountains to the Marshes: isolated burials & Court House records from Coonabarabran & Coonamble. AN5/15/170
Molong General Cemetery; also monuments & lone graves, etc. Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/171
Canowindra General Cemetery & All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery. Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/172
St Mary's General Cemetery - 4 volumes. Nepean FHS. AN5/15/173a-d
Dural Uniting Church Cemetery. Nepean FHS. AN5/15/174
St Judes Anglican Cemetery, Dural: monumental inscriptions … cemetery register: Nepean FHS. AN5/15/174a

Camperdown: a history of Camperdown Cemetery & St Stephen's Church. AN5/15/175
Prominent Australians and importance of Camperdown Cemetery NSW: Camperdown Cemetery Trustees. AN5/15/175a Forbes Cemetery: Vol 1 & 2: 2006: Forbes FHG. AN5/15/176a-b
Grenfell Cemetery Transcripts: Vol 1 & 2. Forbes FHG. AN5/15/177a-b
Trundle Cemetery Transcripts: Forbes FHG. AN5/15/178
Rugby, Rye Park and Reids Flat Burials: Cowra FHG. An5/15/179
Lyndhurst Cemetery: Cowra FHG. AN5/15/180
Boorowa Cemetery: Cowra FHG. AN5/15/181
Carcoar Burials: including Carcoar cemetery and St Paul's C of E churchyard: Cowra FHG. AN5/15/182

Index to Death Registers 1871-1918 held at Bega Courthouse AN5/12/15
Index to Death Registers 1856-1918 held at Eden Courthouse AN5/12/16
NSW Central Coast Funeral Records from Simplicity Funerals: Wyong FHG. AN5/12/21
Camperdown St Stephens Church of England Cemetery AN5/15/M12
Field of Mars, Ryde, index and inscriptions AN5/15/M11
Liverpool Pioneer Park: headstones and inscriptions AN5/15/M1
Monumental inscriptions in the Bega Valley Shire, Book 1 AN5/15/M9
North Rocks Cemetery Index & Transcriptions AN5/15/M10
Port Macquarie general cemetery records 1868-1985 AN5/15/M2
RH Creighton Funeral Directors Record Index Pt 1 1909-1962 AN5/15/M30
RH Creighton Funeral Directors Record Index Pt 2 1962-1972 AN5/15/M31
RH Creighton Funeral Directors Record Index Pt 3 1972-1989 AN5/15/M32
Sutherland deaths 1855-1875 PHi5/12/M2
Sutherland: Olsens Funeral Records Index 1963-1990 AN5/12/M33
Wauchope Cemetery Burials & Headstone Transcriptions AN5/15/M13
Waverley Cemetery: transcriptions & index AN5/15/CD5
Wollongong chronological burial register index 1967-1990 AN5/12/MI4
Woronora Cemetery Combined Masonry Headstones Index AN5/15/M6
Woronora cemetery transcriptions - crematorium Part A AN5/15/M4
Woronora cemetery transcriptions - crematorium Part B AN5/15/M5
Woronora cemetery transcriptions - Masonry Headstones Part A AN5/15/M7
Woronora cemetery transcriptions - Masonry Headstones Part B AN5/15/M8
Woronora cemetery headstone inscriptions lawn cemetery AN5/15/M3
Orange District Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions AN5/15/CD2
Rookwood Cemetery Inscriptions AN5/15/CD3
New South Wales (New England area) Cemeteries & Pioneer Registers. On Computer
Palmdale Lawn Cemetery & Memorial park Transcriptions. Wyong FHG. AN5/15/CD7
Coffs Harbour and District Deaths, Burials, Cremations by Coffs Harbour & District FHS. AN5/15/CD6
Deaths recorded for Tenterfield Shire and Beyond Vol. I : Tenterfield Cemetery: Pavel, F.T. & Allport-Selden, J. AN5/15/183
Oxley Island, Mitchell's Island, Scott's Creek Cemeteries and Burial Records: Manning Wallamba FHS. AN5/15/077Y
Nowra General Cemetery – Book 1 Small Portions (photographs): Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/CD9
Nowra General Cemetery Vol 1, Books 1 & 2: Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/184a & b
Nowra General Cemetery: Vol. 3: Independent section: Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/184c
Nowra General Cemetery: Vol. 4: Methodist section: Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/184d
Leeton Cemetery: Leeton FHS [Extract from Journal] AN5/15/185
Kiama General Cemetery: burials, transcriptions & columbarium walls: Kiama F.H. Resource Group. AN5/15/186
Jamberoo Cemeteries NSW: Jamberoo General Cemetery: Kiama FHVG AN5/15/187
Sandridge Cemetery Church of England Section B: Mollymook NSW: Little Forest FHRG AN5/15/188
Cootamundra Shire Council Cemetery Records to 31 December 2006 AN5/15/CD10
Grave Matters of Moree Cemetery: Gwydir FHS. AN5/15/189
Further grave matters of Moree Cemetery: Hetherington, Joan. AN5/15/189a Burials in Bimbi Cemetery: Young & District FHS. AN5/15/190
Jilliby Cemetery, Wyong Shire NSW: Wyong FHG. AN5/15/191
Eugowra General Cemetery: also Columbarium niches: Jones, J A & D R. AN5/15/192
Were They Here? Port Macquarie-Hastings NSW: A Compendium of Burials & Cremations 1821-2001: Port Macquarie & Districts FHS. AN5/15/CD11
Wyong Courthouse Death Records 1930-1953: Wyong F.H.G. AN5/12/24
Narrabri on the Namoi – cemeteries & court house records: Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/038
Cemeteries at Manildra and surrounds: Cabonne Shire: Jones, J A & D R. AN5/15/193
Crookwell Cemetery Transcriptions Images 2008: Pfitzner, Gil & Marion (comp). AN5/15/CD12
Nowra General Cemetery: Book 2 Lawn (photographs): Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/CD09a

Nowra General Cemetery: Book 3 Independent (photographs): Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/CD09b
Wamberal General Cemetery: photographic collection and unmarked graves: Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/CD13
Ronkana Cemetery, Wyong Shire: monumental inscriptions photographs and unmarked graves: Wyong FHS. AN5/15/195
Noraville Cemetery, Wyong Shire: monumental inscriptions and unmarked graves: Wyong FHS. AN5/15/196
St Pauls cemetery Emu Plains: C of E, Methodist, RC and Presbyterian sections: monumental inscriptions: Nepean FHS. AN5/15/010k
St Thomas Church of England, Mulgoa: monumental inscriptions: second edition: Nepean FHS. AN5/15/010m
Blue Mountains Cemeteries: Vol. 1: The Mounts: Mount Victoria, Mount Wilson, Mount Irvine: Blue Mountains FHS. AN5/15/197
Glen Innes Cemetery records 2nd edn 2008: Glen Innes H.S. AN5/15/199a
Glen Innes district cemeteries: an essential reference 2008: Glen Innes H.S.  AN5/15/199b
Copeton [General] & Dasey Town Private Cemeteries: Evans, Patricia. AN5/15/200

Historic Mount York Cemetery, Hartley Vale NSW [also known as Collit's Cemetery or Hartley Vale Cemetery]: Edwards, Joan for Blue Mountains FHS. AN5/15/198
Wollongong General Cemetery transcriptions: Illawarra FHG. AN5/15/CD14
Canobolas Gardens Crematorium inscriptions: Orange FHG & Central West Libraries. AN5/15/CD15
Wyong Shire gravediggers book [2008]: McKenzie, A.V. & McKenzie, Clive (comp.). AN5/15/202
Pioneers at rest: the Uniting Church Cemetery, Cawdor [2002]: Koob, Daphne. AN5/15/203
Gosford Burial Index 1810-2005: consolidated index of all burials recorded in the Gosford area [2008]: Central Coast FHS. AN5/12/CD05
Orange & District Crematorium memorial inscriptions [manual]: Orange & District FHG. AN5/15/B02
St Paul's Catholic Cemetery Albion Park: "Standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before" August 1874-May 2010: Nunan, Wendy & Terry. AN5/15/204
Murwillumbah General Cemetery: Transcriptions & Images: Tweed Gold Coast FH&HA. AN5/15/CD16
Walter Carter Pty Ltd Funeral Director [Maroubra]: funeral books Vol 1 1887-1895, Vol 2 1896-1912  [3 fiche]: Cape Banks FHS. AN5/12/M34 [J L Mathieson]
Burial records from Logan Funerals of Narrabri c1900-2009 [2011]: Central Coast FHS. AN5/12/CD06
General Cemetery Port Macquarie: transcriptions and images [2011]: Port Macquarie & District FHS. AN5/15/CD18
Port Macquarie & Districts cemeteries, cremations & memorials: including all District cemeteries & burial places: 2011 Edition: Port Macquarie & District FHS. AN5/15/CD17
Walter Carter Pty Ltd Funeral Director [Maroubra]: funeral books Vol 1 1887-1895, Vol 2 1896-1912  [3 fiche]: Cape Banks FHS. AN5/12/M34[J L Mathieson]
Remembering the forgotten: Chinese gravestones in Rookwood Cemetery 1917-1949 [2003]: Jones, Doris Yau-Chong. AN5/15/205
Tales from the Western Road Cemetery (Mays Hill) [2011]: Friends of Mays Hill Cemetery. AN5/15/036f
Balmain Cemetery revisited [2011]: Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/CD19
Index to the Charles Kinsela Funeral Directors registers: final edition 1905-1982 [2006]: Central Coast FHS. AN5/12/CD07
Manly Cemetery transcriptions 1845-1993 [facsimile of original 1993 edn]: Vine Hall, Nick. AN5/15/CD21
Max Perrams Funerals: Liverpool March 1962 to September 1973 Vol. 1 [2004]: Liverpool Genealogy Soc. AN5/12/CD08
Max Perrams Funerals: Liverpool September 1973 to December 1987 Vol. 2 [2005]: Liverpool Genealogy Soc. AN5/12/CD09
Max Perrams Funerals: Liverpool January 1988 to December 1997 Vol. 3 [2006]: Liverpool Genealogy Soc. AN5/12/CD10
Sydney Catholic Lawn Cemetery: Kemps Creek NSW [2005]: Liverpool Genealogy Soc. AN5/15/CD20
Pictorial cemetery register [Appin, Ingleburn, Campbelltown, Denham Court]: Campbelltown & District FHS. AN5/15/CD22
Bulli General Cemetery: surname & location listings: Illawarra FHG. AN5/15/CD23
Grave Reflections: St Peters Anglican Church, Cooks River: a Victorian graveyard (1839-1896) [1996]: Horton, Laurel. AN5/15/206
Ryde Baptist cemetery: formerly at Lane Cove Road, Ryde NSW [2010]: Ryde District HS. AN5/15/207
Gladesville Hospital cemetery: the forgotten cemetery, the forgotten people [2012]: Ryde District HS. AN5/15/208
St Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery, Cobbity Road, Cobbity NSW [2009]: Camden Area FHS. AN5/15/209
St Thomas's Anglican Church Cemetery, Richardson Road, Narellan [2010 ?]: Camden Area FHS. AN5/15/210
Tales from a churchyard: All Saints Church and cemetery, Sutton Forest [2010]: Emery, Linda. AN5/15/211
Records from Simplicity Funerals Wyong Shire NSW: Bateau Bay 2007-2011, Toukley 1993-2011, Wyong 2007-2011 [2012]: Wyong FHG. AN5/15/212
Taree & District Burials: cemeteries and burial sites in the Greater Taree City Council area of New South Wales [2012]: Taree Family History Inc. AN5/15/CD24
Goulburn Pioneer Cemeteries: St Saviour's, Mortis Street, Towrang Stockade, Jewish, and St Patrick's College [2013]: Grant, Jan L & Penny, June F. AN5/15/213
White Cliffs pioneer & general cemetery [2013]: Wickham, Robyn, comp. AN5/15/214
Monumental inscriptions Cowra part 1 [1988]; part 2 [1992]: Cowra FHG. AN5/15/215, 216
Cowra cemetery transcriptions Vol. 3: unmarked burials to 1940 [1995]: Cowra FHG. AN5/15/217
Cowra Lawn Cemetery, Columbarium and memorial trees [2006]: Cowra FHG. AN5/15/218
Berrigan general & lawn cemetery transcriptions [2003]: Hardman, Valerie for Deniliquin GS. AN5/15/219
Deniliquin lawn cemetery transcriptions 1977-1999 including children's cemetery, Rose Garden & War cemetery 1942-1946 [1999]: Hardman, Valerie et al. AN5/15/220
Finley general and lawn cemetery 1913-2001 [2002]: Hardman, Valerie, comp. AN5/15/221
Jerilderie general & lawn cemetery transcriptions to 2003 [2003]: Gapps, Chriss. AN5/15/222
Mathoura & district cemeteries 1878-2004 & McLaurin cemetery 1853-1900 [2004]: Gapps, Chriss, comp. AN5/15/223
A grave look at Warren 1890-1975 [2012]: Wild, Vicky. AN5/15/224
Shellharbour's forgotten cemetery and selected pioneers: [biographies of the buried, 1820s-1897] [2014]: Nunan, Wendy & Terry. AN5/15/225
High on the hill: Bangalow Cemetery revisited: a transcript of the Bangalow Cemetery [2000]: Bangalow HS. AN5/15/226
Lisarow Cemetery: forget us not, unmarked graves [2013]: Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/CD27
Emu Plains General Cemetery: short stories of its residents [2013]: Nepean FHS. AN5/15/075
Records from Simplicity Funerals Woy Woy 1991-2013 [2014]: Wyong FHG. AN5/12/CD19
Parkes Cemetery transcriptions New South Wales [8 fiche] [1993]: Parkes & District Historical Society. AN5/15/M14
Bathurst Cemetery inscriptions and death records 1843-2013 [2014]: Bathurst FHG. AN5/15/CD30
Bowden Family Funerals, burial records Wyong Shire July 1999 - January 2015 [2015]: Wyong FHG. AN5/12/CD20
Records from Simplicity Funerals, Bateau Bay, Toukley & Wyong 1963 - 2011 [2012]: Wyong FHG. AN5/12/CD21
Records from Simplicity Funerals, Gosford Shire NSW: Erina 1984 - 2013 [2015]: Wyong FHG. AN5/12/CD22
Walter Carter Pty Ltd Funeral Director [Maroubra]: funeral books Vol. 3 1913-1922 [2 fiche]: Cape Banks FHS. AN5/12/M34

Badgery’s Creek cemeteries [2016]: Liverpool Genealogy Society. AN5/15/229
Field of Mars Cemetery at Ryde, NSW [2016]: Shaw, Kevin & Eastment, Janice. AN5/15/228

Lisarow Cemetery: forget us not, headstones [2015]: Central Coast FHS. AN5/15/CD27a
Liverpool General Cemetery, Liverpool NSW, 1894- 2014: transcriptions, burial registers and photographs of headstones [2016]: Shepherd, B & E. AN5/15/CD32
Ronkana Cemetery, Wyong NSW: monumental inscriptions, photographs and unmarked graves [2016]: Wyong FHG. AN5/15/CD31
Coffs Harbour Historic Cemetery [2016]: Morrow, Ruth & Coffs Harbour Regional Museum. AN5/15/230
Where pioneers lie: St John’s Cemetery, Campbelltown [1991]: Campbelltown and Airds H S & Munro, Jim. AN5/15/121
Nowra General Cemetery: known burials, transcriptions & photographs, Roman Catholic [2016]: Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/CD33
Nowra General Cemetery: known burials, transcriptions & photographs, Presbyterian [2016]: Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/CD34
Old Roman Catholic Cemetery, North Street Nowra: known burials, transcriptions & photographs [2016]: Shoalhaven FHS. AN5/15/CD35

Reports of Inquests, 1797-1828/AONSW (Reel Nos 2232 & 2233) Y5/6a/1-2.

Indexes & registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1834-1901/AONSW (Reel Nos 2921-2927) Y5/6b/1-7.

Registers of Coroners' Inquests & Magisterial Inquiries, 1889-1901/AONSW (Reel Nos 2224 & 2225) Y5/6c/1-2.
Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1902-1942/AONSW (Reel Nos 2763-2769) Y5/6d/1-7. 

Directory of Qld Cemeteries & burial places AQ5/15/01
Proserpine Cemetery AQ5/15/02
Monumental Inscriptions of the Noosa Shire 1873-1998 (incl Cooroy, Mill Point, Pomona, Tewantin) AQ5/15/03
Drayton Toowoomba Cemetery, Vol 3: public burials 1882-1997 AQ5/15/04
Our backyard: Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery: Toowoomba & Darling Downs FHS. AQ5/15/04a
Old Nambour Cemetery AQ5/15/05a
Woombye Cemetery AQ5/15/05b
Small Cemeteries, Maroochy Shire (incl Diddillbah, Eumundi, Gheerulla, Kenilworth, Mapleton, Yandina) AQ5/15/05c
Kulangoor Cemetery AQ5/15/05d
Buderim Cemetery, Part 1 AQ5/15/05e
Buderim Cemetery, Part 2 AQ5/15/05f
Nambour Garden Cemetery: introduction and index AQ5/15/05g
Nambour Garden Cemetery, Book 1 of 2 AQ5/15/05h
Nambour Garden Cemetery, Book 2 of 2 AQ5/15/05i
Index to Queensland's Sunshine Coast Cemetery collection AQ5/15/05j
Calliope Cemetery Records AQ/15/6
Ipswich General Cemetery Headstones AQ5/15/M1
Toowong Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions: Queensland FHS. AQ5/15/CD1
Gladstone & Port Curtis Garden cemetery Records & Photos: Genealogical Society of Gladstone District Inc. AQ5/15/CD2
Bowen Cemetery: Index of burials: 15/9/1861 to 16/9/2005: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/08
North Rockhampton Cemetery: headstone inscriptions Vol 1 Ref 1-3354: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/09a
North Rockhampton Cemetery: headstone inscriptions Vol 2 Ref 3355-6495: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/09b
Rockhampton Crematorium: Alphabetic index of cremations: 1948 - March 1992: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/10
Rockhampton Cemetery Index 1859-1970: Woodhouse, N V. AQ5/15/CD03
Pictorial records of Noosa Shire cemeteries: 1873-2004: Cooroy-Noosa G & H Research Group. AQ5/15/CD04
Proserpine Cemetery: burial and cremations from 1902: burials up to 09.12.2009: cremations up to 08.03.2010 [2010]: Central Qld FHA Inc. AQ5/15/11
Collinsville Cemetery burials: transcribed from the undertaker's burial records and the Bowen Shire Council: 24/5/1926 to 31/12/2009 [2009]: Central Qld FHA Inc. AQ5/15/12
South Burnett Cemetery headstones: Blackbutt-Benarkin, Cooyar, Crows Nest, Emu Creek, Esk, Fernvale, Lowood, Moore-Linville, Toogoolawah, Yarraman [2010]: Humphries, John comp. AQ5/15/CD05
Miriam Vale-Bororen Lawn Cemetery [2011]: Lentell, Jennifer comp. AQ5/15/CD06
Gracemere Cemetery headstones 1899-2010 (Queensland Cemetery series) [2011]: Johnson, Eileen B (comp.). AQ5/15/CD07

North Rockhampton Cemetery burial records, March 1 1879-January 9 1998 [5 fiche]: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/M02
North Rockhampton Cemetery headstone inscriptions [5 fiche]: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/M03
Cemetery index for Yeppoon and Emu Park: Part A Yeppoon 26.06.1882 to 23.11.2010: Part B Emu Park 24.10.1885 to 18.1.2012 [2013]: Central Qld FHA. AQ5/15/13
Murwillumbah lawn cemetery, transcriptions and images [2013]: Tweed Gold Coast FH & Heritage Assoc. AN5/15/CD25
Riverina cemeteries: version 3 [2011]: Griffith Genealogical & HS. AN5/15/CD26
Anglican cemeteries & columbaria (Brisbane) Vol. 2 : monumental inscriptions April 1997: Kopittke, Rosemary & Eric. AQ5/15/14
Index to Ipswich Cemetery Burial Register 1847-2014 [2017]: Ipswich Genealogical Society.AQ5/15/CD08

Northern Territory
Lone graves Northern Territory & index of NT JPs 1839-1976 ANt5/15/M2
Northern Territory alien births, deaths, overlanders, mining leases ANt5/12/M1
Northern Territory cemeteries ANt5/15/M1

South Australia
Places of burial in South Australia AS5/15/01
Bull Creek Methodist Cemetery, SA AS5/15/02
South Australian Lonely Graves AS5/15/CD1

Isle of the Dead AT5/15/01
Convict Headstones on the Isle of the Dead AT5/15/02
Living Stones, Vol 1 AT5/15/3a
Living Stones, Vol 11 AT5/15/3b
Living Stones, Vol 111 AT5/15/3c
Some Small Cemeteries in Tasmania. AT5/15/4

Old Melbourne Cemetery 1837-1922 AV5/15/01
Wodonga Cemetery Burial Registers: 1 June 1861-Dec 1937; 1938-2004: Wodonga FHS. AV5/15/CD01
Wodonga Cemetery Monumental Inscriptions: transcribed up to and including 2007: Wodonga FHS. AV5/15/CD02
Yackandandah Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions 2008: Wodonga FHS. AV5/15/CD03
Ballarat cemeteries and crematorium: indexed transcripts of memorials in the old & new cemeteries and burial & cremation registers [2006]: Genealogical Society of Victoria et al. AV5/15/CD04
Melbourne General Cemetery: index and transcriptions of monumental inscriptions to 1989 [2003]: Genealogical Society of Victoria. AV5/15/CD05
An historic graveyard: some early records of Port Fairy Cemetery 2nd edn [2005]: Simons, P Frazer. AV5/15/04 [Val Walker]

Western Australia
Halls Creek: burials in old Cemetery AW5/15/01
Western Australian cemeteries index: Perth War Cemetery AW5/15/M1
Western Australian cemeteries index:Series 1 to Series 8 AW5/15/M2
Denmark [W.A.] cemetery 1910-2008 [2008]: McGuinness, Bev. AW5/15/02

British New Guinea deaths 1888-1906 & Land Owners of PNG J5/12/M1
National Burial Index for England and Wales M5/12/CD
North Yorkshire transcriptions of various churchyards. NY05/15/1-8
Battle of Waterloo 1815: killed and wounded M7/81/M1
Our people are on the Rock: gravestone inscriptions from St Patrick's Rock,
Cashel, St Dominic's Abbey, St Mary's Abbey. RMu5/15/1
Memorial Inscriptions of Castlegar Graveyards. RCo5/15/2
Graveyard Inscriptions from Shanglish, Beagh Parish Galway RCo5/15/3
The Memorial Inscriptions of Rahoon Graveyards – 3 volumes. RCo5/15/1a,b,c.
Forthill Graveyard. RCo7/36/1
Memorial Inscriptions C of Irl Parish Graveyard Ayrathkeale Co Limerick RMu5/15/2
Carved in Stone -Ireland headstones RU15/15/M1
Some Cemeteries in County Cork. RMu5/15/2
(Includes Old Court Doneraile; Granard, Liscarroll; Killabraher Parish of Dromina;
Exterior of Churchtown Church; Kilbrogran; Kilbehenny; Killeagh; St Gobnait's, Mallow;
St James Protestant, Mallow; St Mary's Catholic, Mallow; Mologga; Knocknegree Division, District of Cullin.
Renfrewshire Monumental Inscriptions pre-1855. PSt5/15/1
Bute & Arran Monumental Inscriptions pre 1855. PSt5/15/2
St Paul, Knowbury Monumental In scriptions 1841-1999: Shropshire FHS. NSh5/15/M1
Elie Churchyard Monumental Inscriptions:  A.J. Campbell PFi5/15/03
Beyond the Grave: Newcastle’s [on Tyne] churches, churchyards, cemeteries and burial grounds: Alan Morgan. NTy5/15/02
A Fine & Private Place: Jesmond Old Cemetery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Alan Morgan. NTy5/15/01
Pre-1855 tombstone inscriptions in Sutherland burial grounds: Cowper, A S & Ross, I ed. PHi5/15/01
Who lies where: a guide to famous graves [1998]: Kerrigan, Michael. M5/15/01
The Ypres Salient: Commonwealth War Graves Commission. S5/15/01
Old Irish graveyards: County Fermanagh Parts  I -VIII [2006-2007]: Hewson, Eileen, comp. RUl5/15/03a - 03h
Allan Harris McDonald funeral directors' files 1935-2006: [2010]: Wagga Wagga & District FHS. AN5/12/32
Clackmannanshire monumental inscriptions pre 1855 [2002]: Fleming, Stuart E, ed. PCe5/15/02
Scottish monumental inscriptions, Clackmannanshire: Pool of Muchart Churchyard burial grounds 1620-2011 [2012]: Archive Digital Books Australasia. PCe5/15/CD01

Scottish monumental inscriptions, Clackmannanshire: Tillicoultry Cemetery 1849-2010 [2012]: Archive Digital Books Australasia. PCe5/15/CD02
Fife burial grounds photographed and transcribed, Lochgelly Cemetery: Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. PFi5/15/CD01
Fife burial grounds photographed and transcribed, Methilmill Cemetery: Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. PFi5/15/CD03Fife burial grounds photographed and transcribed, Monimail Old & New Cemetery: Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. PFi5/15/CD02
Perthshire burial grounds photographed and transcribed, Glendevon Churchyard: Scottish Monumental Inscriptions. PTa5/15/CD01
Highgate Cemetery [London]: Victorian Valhalla  [a history with photographs] [1984]: Barker, Felix & Gay, John. N5/15/01
Cambridgeshire FHS: Monumental Inscriptions no.55 [1 fiche] [n.d.]. NCa5/15/M01
Wiltshire Burials Index  [9 fiche]. NWi5/12/M02
Monumental inscriptions in the library of the Society of Genealogists Part 1: Southern England [1984]: Collins, Lydia, ed. N5/15/02

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