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Convict Resources

This is a list on some of the holdings in our library to help you research convicts in Australia. 
Visitors are welcome at our library, and our friendly library volunteers will help you get the most from all our resources.
Convict Families that made Australia A3/32/3
General Muster of NSW, Norfolk Island, VDL 1811 A5/20/1
General Muster of NSW 1814 A5/20/2
Census of NSW 1828 A5/20/3
General Return of Convicts in NSW 1837 A5/20/4
General Muster & Land & Stock Muster of NSW 1822 A5/20/5
Musters of NSW & Norfolk Island 1805-1806 A5/20/7
Musters & Lists NSW & Norfolk Island 1800-1802 A5/20/8
Censuses & Musters A5/20/9
Information Leaflet No 38: muster & census records A5/20/10
Convict, Pioneer & Immigrant History of Australia, Book 9, Volume 4 A5/50/1
Convict & Pioneer History, Book 2, Volume 1 A5/50/2
Guide to New South Wales State Archives Relating to Convict Records by State Records Authority of NSW. A5/50/04
Researching Convicts in the AONSW A5/50/5
Absolute & Conditional Pardons awaiting collection 22.6.1850 A5/50/6
Albermarle, Third Fleet Transport A5/50/7
A Desperate Set of Villains A5/50/8
Convicts on the Ship “Stirling Castle” 1850 A5/50/9
A Short Guide to tracing your Convict Ancestry A5/50/10
Third Fleet: list of convicts A5/50/11
Bound for Australia A5/50/12
Elizabeth Hook: Journey to a New Life: Ships Emu in 1812 & Broxbornebury 1814.  A5/50/18
The Convict Ships A7/12/1
The Women of Botany Bay A7/14/3
The Fatal Shore A7/14/2
The Convict Settlers A7/14/4
Irish Convict Lives A7/14/6
Convicts & Bushrangers A7/14/7
The Transports are here A7/14/8
A Cargo of Women A7/14/9
Convict Women A7/14/10
Convicts and the Colony A7/14/12
Convicts and Colonial Society A7/14/13
Chain Letters: narrating convict lives A7/14/14
The First Convicts in Newcastle AH7/14/02
Convict Workers: reinterpreting Australia's past: Stephen Nicholas, ed. A7/14/23
The Crimes and Lives of the Convicts Arriving in Sydney on the Salamander 1791. A7/14/25
Death or Liberty: the convicts of the Britannia, Ireland to Botany Bay 1797 by Barbara Hall. A7/14/24
The Settlers & Convicts of the “Bellona” AN3/32/11
Convict Gangs in 1821 AN5/50/3
NFHS: Early Newcastle: the fettered and the free. AN7/10/3
The Convict Timbergetters of Pennant Hills AN8.120/64/1
Convict Kingston (Norfolk Island) AN8.889/14/1
The Commandants (Norfolk Island) AN8.899/14/2
Notorious Strumpets & Dangerous Girls AT3/32/1
Public Records of Tasmania: convict department AT5/50/2
Convict Applications to bring out Families to VDL AT5/50/3
Convicts per “Ratcliffe” 1845 AT5/50/11
The “Separate” or Model Prison, Port Arthur AT7/14/1
How to Trace your Convict Ancestors L2/10/9
The Intolerable Hulks L7/14/1
Masters & Convicts: Murrmarang & Ulladulla: Kathy Dunn. AN5/50/06
Victims and Villains - Tocal's Convicts. AH7/14/06
Convicts and Colonial Society 1788-1868: Evans & Nicholls. A7/14/13a
Convicts on Trial: Iris Paridaens. A7/14/26
They Were Here: the convicts of Raymond Terrace & District, Volume 2: Reeks, June, comp. AH5/50/02b
John Croaker, Convict Embezzler: Booke, J. & Graig, R. A7/14/27
The Second Fleet Convicts: HMS Guardian, Lady Juliana, Neptune, Scarborough & Surprise: Ryan, R. J.  A5/50/22
Names of all Convicts arriving Australia 1801 to 1805: McClelland, J. A5/50/23
Voices from Tocal: convict life on a rural estate: Brian Walsh AH7/14/07
Convicts Transported to and from Port Macquarie 1827-1837: Port Macquarie & Dist. FHS AN7/14/01
The Convicts and Exiles Transported from Ireland 1791-1820: J. H. Dononhoe. A5/50/24
Pack of thieves? 52 Port Arthur lives: Maxwell-Stewart, H. & Hood, Susan. AT7/14/09
Sarah Island, the penal settlement at Macquarie Harbour 1831: Round Earth Company. AT7/14/08

1788, the brutal truth of the First Fleet: the biggest single overseas migration the world has ever seen: Hill, David. A7/14/28
Convicts in the Lithgow area: Winchester, Frank. (Occasional papers No. 27 Lithgow Dist. H.S.) AN8.790/01/08
The Irish vanguard: The convicts of the "Queen", Ireland to Botany Bay, 1791: Hall, Barbara. A5/50/25
Third Fleet families of Australia: genealogical details: Smee, C J. A3/32/02a
Shadow over Tasmania: the whole story of the convicts 14th edn: Smith, Coultman. AT7/14/10
To hell or to Hobart: Irish convict history: Howard, Patrick. AT7/14/11
Female skeletons in the cupboard: stories of convict women at Port Macquarie Part 1 [2001]: Griffin, Gwen. AN7/14/02
Freedom bound I: documents on women in Colonial Australia: Grimshaw, Patricia et al. (eds). A7/01/28
Most perfectly safe: the convict shipwreck disasters of 1833-42 [1997]: Mawer, G.A. A7/13/06
Reports of iron'd gangs…Wooloomooloo stockade, Cockatoo Island & Carters Barracks 1840-1848 ... Scone lockup … prisoners at … Mulgoa [2009]: Vernon, Kaye & Jacobsen, Billie. AN5/50/09
Certificates of Freedom records for Port Macquarie convicts 13 Dec 1823 - 26 Apr 1827 [runaways, robbers and incorrigible rogues] [2010]: Port Macquarie & D FHS. AN5/50/08
Is there a convict in the family? [2010]: Shilling, Maree. A2/10/10
Breaking up of the convict establishment at Port Macquarie 1847 [2011]: Port Macquarie & DFHS. AN8.444/14/01
Convict lives at the Ross Female Factory [Tasmania] [2011]: Frost, Lucy, ed. AT5/50/04
Bound for Wallis Plains: Maitland's convict settlers [2012]: Hunter, Cynthia. AH7/14/08
Convict Fremantle: a place of promise and punishment [2004]: Bosworth, Michael. AW7/14/01
Convict tools: working at Camden Park and Tocal [2013]: Walsh, Brian & Hawkins, Ralph. AN7/62/02
History of the Albany convict gaol: its convicts, gaolers and warders [newspaper and archival references] [2008]: Horton, Susanne, comp. AW7/14/02
The Third Fleet convicts: an alphabetical listing of names,…place and date of conviction, length of sentence and ship [1983]: Ryan, R J. A5/50/28
Toil and trouble from Maitland to Moreton Bay: John Eales' convicts [2014]: Walsh, Brian. AH7/14/09
Women transported: life in Australia's convict female factories [2008?]: Hendriksen, Gay & Liston, Carol. A7/14/31
Convicts of the Port Phillip District, [Victoria] [1999]: Clarke, Keith M. AV7/14/01

The evidence to the Bigge Reports: New South Wales under Governor Macquarie Vol.1: The Oral evidence [1971]: Ritchie, John, ed. A7/75/05
The evidence to the Bigge Reports: New South Wales under Governor Macquarie Vol.2: The Written evidence [1971]: Ritchie, John, ed. A7/75/06
Abandoned women: Scottish convicts exiled beyond the seas [2015]: Frost, Lucy. A7/14/24
The Girl who stole stockings: the true story of Susannah Noon and the women of the convict ship 'Friends' [2014]: Hardie, Elsbeth. A7/14/34
Exiled: the Port Arthur convict photographs [2010]: Barnard, Edwin. A7/14/35
The Phantom Phenians of New South Wales [1986]: Travers, Robert. AN7/19/03
The transportation, escape and pardoning of Mary Bryant [1983]: Currey, C H. A7/14/36
Stories and tales of the transported convicts [1990]: Donohoe, James Hugh. A7/14/37
Researching convicts (Handy solutions ser. no.6) [2007]: Central Coast Family History Society.A7/14/38

Microfiche and CDs
AGCI Y2/A2/1-247
Female Factory Parramatta 1826-48 Y2/AN13/1-2

Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence 1826-1831 Y2/AN16a/1-3

Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence 1832-1837 Y2/AN16b/1-3

Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence: letters sent re convicts Y2/AN18/1-3

Index to NSW Convict Indents Y2/AN23/1-6

Convict Indents 1788-1842 Y2/AN23a/1-130

Index to Assignment Registers 1821-1825 Y2/AN34/1-4

Convict Death Registers 1828-1879 Y2/AN35/1-3

Index to & Registers of Tickets of leave 1824-1827 Y2/AN36/1-3

Index to & Registers of Applications to Marry Y2/AN39/1-9

Convict Applications to Marry Y2/AN40/1-14

Register of Conditional Pardons 1791-1825 Y2/AN42/1-4

Register of Convicts recommended for Conditional Pardons Y2/AN42a/1-12

Wives & Families of convicts on Bounty Ships Y2/AN45/1-2

NSW Convict Marriage Banns 1826-41: master indexes Y2/AN47/1-3

NSW Convict Marriage Banns 1826-41: early indexes Y2/AN48/1-5

Convict Pardons & Tickets of Leave NSW 1810-1875 Y2/AN56/108

Index to Colonial Secretary’s Papers 1788-1825 Y2/AN58/1-63

Convicts and Employers: NSW Index Y2/AN70/1-12

Index to Tasmanian Convicts 1821-1854 Y2/AT3/1-3

Tasmanian Colonial Index Y2/AT4/1-6

Western Australian Convicts. R Series. Convict Registers Y2/AW9/1-9

Wives & Children of Convicts NSW 1825-1840 Y4/CD30/1

Convicts to New South Wales 1788-1812 Y4/CD40/1

Tasmanian Convicts Y4/CD33/1
Queensland Obituaries Index Vols 1 & 2. Y2/AQ7a/1-6 and Y2/AQ7b/1-5
Prisoners on Board the Hulk Phoenix Aug 1825 – Jan 1837: Convict Connections. AN5/50/CD5

Prisoners on Board the Hulk Phoenix Jan 1833 – Sep 1848: Convict Connections. AN5/50/CD6
Index to Colonial Convict Movements 1827 to 1853: Descendants of Convicts Group Inc. AN5/50/CD7
The Port Jackson Convicts Anthology: Lesley Uebel. AN5/50/CD8
Index to Convicts who arrived in NSW, 1788-1842 and an index to the ships that transported them [update 2008]: GSV (Vic). AN5/50/CD11
Convicts & employers (NSW) Index: 1828, 1832-1833, Jan 1838-Jan 1844: Pastkeys. AN5/50/CD12
Windsor Gaol records: … weekly returns 1831,1838 & Gaol entrance book 26 March 1864-1899 [2010]: Vernon, Kaye & Jacobsen, Billie (comp.) AN7/68/CD02
Convict assignments in NSW Vol.1 1830-1832 [index]: Mackey, Nola (comp.) Y2/AN84/1-3
Prisoners on Board the Hulk "Phoenix": Index to Transportation Books 1 January 1831 to 9 February 1847; Description Books 1831 and 1833-1837 (Index to SRNSW Reel 821) [2011]: Convict Connections of GSQ. AN5/50/CD13
Prisoners on Board the Hulk "Phoenix": Index to prisoners discharged Sep 1825 to Nov 1836; Prisoners mentioned in letters sent by the Supt 1828-1833; Nominal list of prisoners … 1836…conditions… (index to SRNSW Reel 822) [2011]: Convict Connections of GSQ. AN5/50/CD14
Index to NSW Colonial Secretary's Office: copies of letters sent to the Sheriff 1828-1850 (SRNSW 4/3896-4/3902 Microfilm Reels 1062-1065) [2011]: Convict Connections of GSQ. AN5/50/CD15
Sydney Gaol records for Port Macquarie convicts: April 1821-1826 [2011]: Port Macquarie & District FHS. AN7/68/CD06
Convict settlement on Norfolk Island: index to the Norfolk Island Papers and Accounts, 1794-1813, 1825-1829 (NRS 898, 4/1167A-1171, SRNSW) [2012]: Vernon, Kaye, comp. AN5/50/CD16
Register of convict applications to marry 1826-1851 (granted & refused): NSW State Records, Principal Superintendent
convicts: Reels 4/4508-4/4514: Fiche 780-801: incl. where found NSW BDM index reference numbers T J Genealogy. AN5/12/CD17 & AN5/12/CD18
Colonial Secretary's correspondence: index to convicts & others 1868-1872 [3 fiche] [n.d.]: Reese, Joan. AN5/50/M07a
Colonial Secretary's correspondence: index to convicts & others 1873-1877 [3 fiche] [n.d.]: Reese, Joan. AN5/50/M07b
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