Family History Scrapbooking: Days 1 & 2

When: Sunday, 5 April 2020 and Sunday, 19 April 2020

Where: NFHS Rooms, 68 Elder Street, Lambton

Cost: $10 per person per day

Transport: Private Transport to NFHS rooms. (See our contact page for useful public transport options.)

Bring: Your own materials (if you have any) and your own lunch

Day 1 is a day of tuition and the sharing of ideas. Starter kits will be available (if required) and the contents and cost of these kits are to be advised. Day 2 is a continuation day but each day will be different. 

Please bring your lunch as there are not as many eateries open in Lambton on a Sunday. Tea and coffee is provided at the Society.

Please add your name to the list of attendees on the long bench near the sign-on book in the library. Alternatively, email Mel on and she will add your name to her list.

Sandgate 2021

Our planning group and Northern Cemeteries have plans well underway for our 5th Annual Sandgate Tour to be held on Sunday, 17 May 2020. The area and the graves to be featured on the tour have been planned and research is underway. 


Do you have a favourite grave or area at Sandgate for a future tour? If so, please email Margaret any suggestions you'd like NFHS to consider.  Northern Cemeteries is very enthusiastic about our tours but has decided that they won't hold an Open Day at the same time in future.


Did you realise that our Publications group are working on incorporating the fascinating subjects of our Sandgate tours into a series of Pioneer Registers for those buried in Newcastle and the Hunter Region? These books will include not only burials from Sandgate but also from further afield and within the Hunter Valley. If you have an ancestor whose biography could be put into this publication, please email the Secretary.


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