Keep an eye on the NFHS Facebook page for invitations to our activities but this 'Events' page will give you not only the details but a map and links as well. 'Diary Dates' shows a chronological summary but please scroll down to below 'Join Us!' to see the details, maps and links for our events and outings.

Diary Dates

Monthly - see notice for details

Special Interests Groups

NFHS Members

Time: see notice

Cost: Nil

Getting there:

Private transport

Friday, 25 September 2020

Black Hill and Minmi Cemeteries

Members and friends

Time: 10.00 am

Cost: Free

Getting there:

Independent Private transport

Friday, 9 October 2020

Walka Water Works

Members and friends

Time: 10.00 am


Cost: Nil - picnic lunch

Getting there:

Independent Private transport

NCC Digitisation Lab

Friday, 6 November 2020

Members and Friends

Time: 10.00 am 

Cost: Nil

Getting there:

Private transport

TBA - but probably 2021

Society Members

Time: TBA

Cost: Nil 

Getting there:

Private transport

Postponed until 2021

Free Sandgate Tours

Community Event


Time: TBA

Cost: Free - Bookings essential

Getting there: Private Vehicle or

Public Transport

Three fabulous days in 2022

2022 Conference - Wests - to be confirmed

Community Event

Time: Three fabulous days

Cost: TBA

Getting there:

Own transport

Special Interests Groups

When: Tuesdays or Thursdays - Time varies depending on group

Where: Initial meeting NFHS rooms

Cost: Free - book with convenor (see September newsletter)

Transport: Own Transport

Bring: TBA

Limit: TBA

Join Us!

Scroll down to find further details of our events, outings and activities. They are listed in chronological order.

There have been some interesting social and historical experiences planned for 2020 but these events have been modified due to COVID-19. We have our social organiser Pat to thank for these opportunities but there are other events that are organised by different volunteers at the Society. A very big "Thank You!" to all these people for their planning. Sadly due to COVID-19 we have had to limit numbers to 20 for our tours but we will consider repeats in the not too distant future for those who might like to get to a future tour.


For any suggestions for future activities please leave a message in our online Suggestion Box on the Members Only page.

Keep up to date with every activity that is happening here and on our calendar. We love your company for Social events but we need your help on special days.

Black Hill and Minmi Cemeteries

When: Friday, 25 September 2020, 10.00 am

Where: Black Hill Cemetery, Black Hill

Cost: Free

Transport: Own Transport
                 (see the map at right for directions)

Bring: Water, food (unless you are purchasing lunch               at the Minmi Pub), hat and sunscreen

Limit: The COVID-19 limit is 20 people

Another September outing will be a visit to Black Hill and Minmi Cemeteries. We will meet at Black Hill Cemetery and Uniting Church at 388 Black Hill Road. Vicki from Maitland and Beyond Family History has kindly offered to supply morning tea when we arrive. Vicki will then guide us around the cemetery and church. She has a biography for each person buried there.

We will then travel the short distance to Minmi for lunch at the Minmi Hotel where a nice meal can be ordered. Pat will make a booking at the pub for 1.00 pm so if you do not wish to join the group for lunch please let her know when you contact her to secure a spot for the day.


After lunch we will visit the Minmi Cemetery. If you have family members buried there you may wish to share their story with us. 


We will need to abide by any COVID-19 restrictions regarding numbers and any changes to restrictions that may be made. If you are unwell: cough, sniffles, sore throat, slight temperature, … please stay at home.

If you wish to attend, please email Pat or send a message to her on 0427 577 598 to have your name added to the list. We are limited to 20 people at the moment, so it’s “first in, first on the list”. 

Oakhampton Cemetery and Walka Water Works

When: Friday, 9 October 2020, 10.00 am

Where: Oakhampton Cemetery (details still in planning)

Cost: Free

Transport: Own Transport
                 (see the map at below for directions)

Bring: A picnic lunch, hat and sunscreen

Limit: COVID-19 limit is 20 people

A visit to Oakhampton Cemetery and Walka Water Works will be our October outing. Both locations are shown on the map above. We will meet at 10.00am at the Oakhampton Cemetery, Oakhampton Road, just past the turn off to the Walka Waterworks. Come with your coffee or morning tea and you can sip while you ramble among the graves. Many are disappearing under flood silt and vegetation. The Arnott Family, of Arnott Biscuits are among the inhabitants. Ken and Maree have some family graves here. If you have a relative buried there you might like to share a little of their family story.


Lunch will be at the Walka Waterworks. We are suggesting a picnic lunch but as this area is close to Maitland you may prefer to get your own takeaway after visiting the cemetery and before going to Walka Water Works. A drive back to Maitland to buy lunch is not far. There are picnic tables or for the agile a picnic rug might be the answer. (Warning: There are green-head ants!) We'll follow the picnic lunch with a walk around the site and the reservoir. Pat will show us some photos of the building in progress and notes from the Australian Engineers about the significance of the site. Did you know it became a power station for some time?


You will need good shoes, maybe long pants if the cemetery is overrun with weeds, sunblock, hat and a water bottle.


Due to Covid 19 restrictions, we are limited to 20 participants and must abide by any changes to restrictions that may be made. If you are unwell: cough, sniffles, sore throat, slight temperature, … please stay at home.

If you wish to attend, please email Pat or send a message to her on 0427 577 598 to have your name added to the list. We are limited to 20 people, so it’s “first in, first on the list”. 

NSW State Archives

Due to COVID-19 this day has had to be postponed but once NSW State Archives reopens and until we can reschedule a date to visit, members might like to take advantage of these instructions to make their own way there to do their own research. Remember to take your lunch!


This is how it can be done using public transport. You can travel to either St Mary's Station or to Penrith Station. St Mary's is more direct but Penrith may be quicker on your return journey. Use Trip Planner to clarify times.

1. Catch the Newcastle train to Strathfield.

2. From Strathfield Station make a connection to St Mary's Station.

3. From St Mary's Station exit to the bus stops and find stand 8. 

4. Catch the 770 bus from Mt Druitt to Penrith via Claremont Meadows. It turns left at Gipps Street shown on the map below.

5. The bus will stop at the main gate to the Archives. Ask the driver where you get off if you are unsure.

6. The 770 will travel on to Penrith and then return along the same route.

7. To return to a station catch the 770 either back to St Mary's Station or on to Penrith Station.

8. Catch the train from St Mary's Station or Penrith Station back to Strathfield Station and connect to a Newcastle train.

9. The 'Directions' link on the map below will provide details of different ways of travelling to State Archives at Kingswood.

Orientation Sessions and Genealogy Courses

Orientation Sessions are free to all members - especially those new to the Society. Information about them may be found in the Member Area.

Genealogy Courses are planned short courses led by someone experienced in the topic. They are open to members and non-members. There is a charge for the Genealogy Courses to cover preparation of marerials. Details of these courses are located on this page.

Each of us has many research skills and we may be willing to help others gain competency in various areas of family research. We are always looking for ideas for genealogical courses and people who are interested in running them in order to help members from beginners to the more experienced tackle their family history research. Each session will run for 45-50 minutes and will mainly be held at 9.00 am on a Saturday. Part of the course will locate the resources held within our library. After the courses the library will be open as usual so participants can remain and practice their newly acquired skills. All courses will be limited to no more than 24 participants but some courses may be limited to even smaller numbers depending on the topic. 


The 2020 fee for each session was $5 for members and $15 for non-members. Any payments to the Society may be made at the Society in person or by Direct Debit. Please see the instructions for Direct Debit on the Contact Page. We are unable to take bookings for Genealogy Courses on our Facebook page or at the Society.


Eight courses were run during 2020 but due to COVID-19 have had to be replanned. A meeting will be held in November to consider any future plans.

Can you contribute any suggestions for further courses to help others navigate the widening world of resources or are you able to run a course that will help others understand a resource that you have investigated in your family history? There is a list of possible future courses on our Member Page. Please consider getting involved in any way that you are able.


If you wish to offer assistance, enquire about future courses or attend the November meeting please:


Phone or text: 0427577598. 

Plans for the future!

These are our planned dates and locations for 2020 for your diary. Details will be added once they are confirmed.


Friday, 6 November 2020: We are invited to visit the digitisation lab at Newcastle City Library. We will gather at 9.30 am on outside the library. You will need a Newcastle City library card to enter the library, unless COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

December: Christmas Lunch. $$

TBA: Postponed: Sydney Hospital Museum and Sisters of Charity Archives and Museum.

TBA: Newcastle Crematorium Tour will be announced as soon as rules at the Crematorium allow non-essential gatherings.

TBA: State Library visit talk and tour has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Can you suggest a local walk?


Do you have any ideas or can you share your family or local history knowledge while we explore the local area and and then share a chat with others over a coffee or a light lunch when we finish up at a cafe nearby. These walks are a new event from 2019 and our organiser is trying to make local walks every couple of months. Everyone is welcome. Bring your friends or family (including grandchildren). Other walks are planned for winter and while we have some locations in mind we would love some other ideas and there is plenty of time to think about places. Please put any suggestions in the suggestion box or send an email to the events organiser, Pat on or email our Secretary using the address on our contact page. ​


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