A team of volunteers called the eTeam creates each three-monthly Journal under the control of an Editor but it is a team effort. Membership of the eTeam is open to financial members who have contributed articles to Journals and who are prepared to continue to write. Above are the past and current Editors of the NFHS Journal. From left to right are Ron, Jane, Ken and Valerie. The Journal contains a variety of articles, advice and reviews on family histories, local histories, books and useful sites. Generally a theme is selected. Articles are included in the publication whether they are on the theme or not although preference is given to articles that do follow the theme. The closing date for submissions to a Journal is the first Saturday of the month before the issue (ie February, May, August or November).

The themes for 2021 are:

June 2021:   Sport and Games

September 2021: Scotland

Keep your eye out for the files created in the Library 'How to ...' books and on our Facebook page that may also be included in our Journal.

Additional copies of the Journal are available from the front desk at a cost of $4 and can be posted for an additional $2.

Our 2018 publication of the NFHS Bulletin and Journal Collection 1983-2017, complied by Ron Goodhew and Bill Hobbs is available as either a CD or USB at a cost of $35 plus $5 for postage and packaging. The publication contains a copy of every Bulletin, Journal, Newsletter and Members’ Interest Directory published since the inception of the Society commencing in 1983 and concluding in December 2017. A history of each set of publications is included as an insert.


A Message from the eTeam

The Society has produced a name index to Journals 161 to 220, March 2003 to December 2017. The index will also be placed on the research computers in the Society library and we’ve decided to make it available here on the website so it can be used and enjoyed. Access is provided by clicking on the index cover sheet image shown above. Instructions for opening the file for PC and iPad can be viewed here.

The index is a pdf file containing almost 11,500 entries.  The main way to search is by surname but you may also find aliases, nicknames, maiden names, stage names, ranks, professions, jobs, birth and death dates, alternate spellings and cross-references.

The next task in this ongoing project is to move onto completing the index for the Bulletins before 160 and Journals after 220.  Those lists will be added to this index in due course. 


The Nick Vine Hall Award is presented annually to member societies for the best family history journal or newsletter in Australia and New Zealand. The award was introduced by The Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations Inc. (AFFHO) in 2009. AFFHO presents this award to encourage its member societies to produce quality journals or newsletters, and also to honour Nick Vine Hall AM. There are two categories based on the number of members of a society. NFHS enters Category A for societies with less than 500 members. The winning society is awarded a plaque and receives $300 and the editor receives a certificate.

Our first entry in 2009 edited by Ron was runner-up and after that second place, we assessed our content to ensure that our Journal contained local, national and international coverage. Since 2009, every time we have entered the competition we have won the award. Our winning entries have been Journal 200 in 2013, edited by Valerie and Journal 209 in 2016 edited by Jane. 

The eTeam has been pleased and proud to announce that for the third time, our Journal 221 has been awarded first place in the competition. This issue was published in March 2018 and had the theme Newcastle. The cover included an image painted by our member Sue. If you have our Bulletins and Journals CD or USB that we published in 2018, you might like to take another look at our entries. 

While Ken is now our editor, Jane was the editor responsible for producing Journal 221 (cover shown at right). She flew to Melbourne to collect the award on behalf of the Society. The award was presented at the Victorian Archives at the official opening of National Family History Month (NFHM). 

The presentation was made at the Victorian Archives is at 99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne (also accessible from the free carpark at 112 Macaulay Road) and is the location of the two institutions, the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) and also the Victorian Office of the National Archives of Australia (NAA). This extensive building has a joint reading room and is well worth a visit, especially if you have Victorian ancestors. Both online sites have access to considerable information that might save you a trip.

The next time you visit the Society please look for the plaques mounted on the left-hand side of the doorway leading from the reception room into the Monica Gibbs Library. 

A message from the eTeam

Our September Journal still hasn’t been printed!  As we do the printing and posting ourselves, not being able to get into the rooms because of lockdown has really hampered us. It’s frustrating because we really want to share a great variety of articles about Scotland – family stories, chance finds and mysteries solved, quaint Scottish items, significant Scots in our region, plus what’s new in the Library, events and excursions, great research sites, some of which have only just become available. So, we’re hoping that restrictions will ease soon and that we’ll be able to get on with it.