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Recent Acquisitions 2020 August to December


Bennett, Michael   Pathfinders: a history of Aboriginal trackers in NSW [2020]   AN7/06/03

Emm, Adele    Tracing your female ancestors [2019]   N2/10/08

Cook, Bob   Fine strapping men: the history of strapping at Newcastle [2000]   AH7/61/05

Smith, Clive   Port Macquarie's last convicts [2019]   AN7/14/03

Harrison, Jennifer   Shackled: female convicts at Moreton Bay 1826-1839 [2016]   A7/14/43

BHP Co Ltd   Seventy-five years of development in industry [1960?]   A7/61/02

Rees, Peter   ANZAC Girls: the extraordinary story of our World War I nurses [2014]   A7/81/25

Kopittke, Rosemary   Treasures in the Australian Government Gazettes [2015]   A2/10/22

Hicks, Shauna   Discover your sporting ancestors [2015]   A2/10/23

Reed, A. W.   Aboriginal place names [1967]   A5/28/01

Foley, Dennis & Read, Peter What the Colonists never knew: a history of Aboriginal Sydney [2020] AN7/06/04

               Lysaght 1857 - 1957 [1957]   A7/61/03

Dunn, Mark   The convict valley [2020]   AH7/01/73

Telecom Australia   Newcastle 1972 telephone district directory: STD area code 049 [1972]   AH5/83/06

Macfarlane, M. E. & A. D.  The Scottish radicals: tried and transported to Australia for treason in 1820 [1975]                                           A7/14/44

Schulha, Alek   Beneath the shadows of Mount Molly Morgan: history & stories of Greta Camp 1939 - 1960                              [2020]   AH7/18/02

Saxon, Doug   Eraring's history: farming, monkeys & electricity [2020]   AH8.264/01/02

Hayman, Anne   Joan Corlis nee Williams: 4 June 1917 - 15 March 2008   A4/COR/03

Farmer, Kerry   Arrivals in Australia from 1788 [2015]   A5/40/11

Larcombe, Frederick A.   The development of local government In New South Wales [1961]   AN7/79/02

Parker, David   Guide to Baptist historical resources in Australia [2014]   A2/10/24

Hicks, Shauna My ancestor was in an asylum: brief guide to asylum records in Australia and New Zealand                             [2014]   A2/10/25

Scanlon, Mike   Past Port: stories from articles on Port Stephens and beyond [2020]   AH7/01/74

Hunter, Cynthia   People property power: Plashett Jerry's Plains [2010]   AH7.330/36/01

Spicer, Bill   Over the bridge and through the gates: travelling north on the Great Northern Road [2009]                                AH7.333/50/01

McLeod, Ian Keith   The Morris family of West Maitland: the story of the Morris and Browne families of the                                      Hunter Valley 3rd Ed. [2020]   A4/MOR/06

Tickle, Rob   1885 Land and stockholders in the Upper Hunter, NSW   AH5/35/09

Ahearn, Lionel, ed   Biographical register of Muswellbrook and District  Vol 2 [2010]   AH3/32/09b

Spicer, Bill   The Market Reserve: including the Union [2009]   AH7.333/10/01

Blackman, Cally   100 years of fashion [2012]   L7/26/04

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Dec: court reports [2020]   NLP/04/1933b

Snippers   NMH Newcastle news Index Oct-Dec 1933 [2020]   NLP/05/1993e

Simkus, Marie & Kevin, & O'Rourke,  Julie   Methodist Cemetery Oakhampton 1849-1894 [Reprint]                                                                                    [2020]   AH5/15/05a

Snippers   NMH Newcastle news Oct-Dec 1933 [2020]   NLP/05/1933d

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Dec: miscellaneous news from Australia & overseas [2020]   NLP/02/1933b

Snippers   NMH 1933 Oct-Dec: domestic notices & accident reports [2020]   NLP/03/1933d

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Dec: Industrial & Mining news [2020]   NLP/07/1933b

Snippers   Sports reports  & results: Oct-Dec 1933 [2020]   NLP/08/1933d

Keneally, Thomas   Now and in time to be: Ireland and the Irish [1991]   R7/01/06

Osborn, Vicki   Black Hill Church cemetery: headstones & columbarium [2017]   AH5/15/124

FitzGibbon, Constantine   The Irish in Ireland [1983]   R7/01/07

Yarwood, A. T.   Growing up in Macquarie's Sydney [1985]   AN7/40/01

Pender, Seamus   A Census of Ireland circa 1659 [2002]   R5/20/01

Hanna, Denis O'D   The face of Ulster [1952]   R7/95/02

Amos, Keith   The Fenians in Australia: 1865-1880 [1988]   R7/14/01

Mac Annaidh, Seamas   Fermanagh and 1798 [2000]   RUl7/01/05

Cowper, A. S & Ross, I.   Caithness monumental inscriptions (pre-1855) Volume 2 [1992]   PHi5/15/03

Reid Richard E.   Farewell my children: Irish assisted emigration to Australia 1848-1870 [2011]   A7/18/29

Kakoschke, Kevin R.   Women of gold: the unsung heroines of the Goldfields [2011]   A7/16/07

Ramsay Silver, Lynette   The battle of Vinegar hill: Australia's Irish rebellion [2002]   A7/14/45

Muller, Peter & Richards, Trevor eds.   A pictorial history of Morpeth [1997]   AH7.321/95/01

Gregory, Fred M.   Selected source material on the early history of Newcastle and the Lower hunter area [1981]   AH7/01/75

Campbell, Stephen J.   The great Irish famine: words and images from the Famine Museum Strokestown Park, County Roscommon [1994]   R7/21/02

Munro, Allan Angus   Corkerbeg to Cuyahoga & Kiama [1991]   A4/COO/06

Livingston, Peadar   The Fermanagh story: a documented history of the County Fermanagh from the earliest                                   times to the present day [1969]   RUl7/01/06

Colo Shire Council   Shire of Colo Street directory 2nd ed.  [n.d.]   AN9/16/06

Oppenheimer, Melanie   Australian women and war [2008]   A7/81/26

English, Helen J   Music and world-building in the colonial city [2021]   AH7/35/01

Fletcher, Jim   Coming to the Wallamba: early Europeans in the Wallamba Valley ….  [2020]   AN7/17/02

Solling, Max   Town & Country: a history of the Manning Valley  [2014]   AN7/01/19

Doust, John   Past days around Wallis Lake, its rivers and villages [1999]   AN8.428/01/02

Gogarty, Susan   Tuncurry:  tapestry of a town  [2011]   AN8.428/01/03

Doust, John   Past days around the Manning River: its villages and early settlers  [2004]   AN8.430/01/02a

Sykes, Laura   The hospital at Nabiac  [n.d.]   AN8.312/32/01

Pitkin, Alison   Portraits of Paterson [2020]   AH8.421/01/15

Knodler, Gregory J. E.   The filming of Eureka Stockade Singleton 1947 - 1948 [2020]   AH7/35/02

Hunter, Cynthia   Essays on Seaham [2002]   AH8.324/01/16

Borough, Chris   Connecting Forster and Tuncurry: the unique Forster ferry service [2016]   AN8.428/50/01

Hafey, Larry   They made me! [2020]   A4/HAF/01

Low, John   Blue Mountains: pictorial memories [1991]   AN7/01/20

Wright, June   The history of Forster [1998]   AN8.428/01/04

Keating, Julie & Wetherall, Lachlan   Adamstown & Broadmeadow…the early days of settlement [2020]                                                                  AH8.289/01/02

Whitelaw, Ella   A history of Singleton [n.d]   AH8.330/01/14

Bannister, Roland   Saving Grace: an orphan girl in Graman, Howell, and Tingha, NSW 1898-1912 [2020]                                      A4/MIT/03

The Hawkesbury Pioneer Families Bi-centennial Association Inc   The Green hills: Hawkesbury Pioneer                                                                                             Families Bi-centennial Map [1988]   AN3/60/02

Alderman, Helen   The John Nichols Family Society: Newsletter No. 69 May 2018 [2018]   A4/NIC/01g

Newcastle Flora and Fauna Society Protection Society   Glenrock natural history: a proposal for the                                                            establishment of a coastal State Recreation Reserve …. [1983]   AH8.290/10/01

Walker, Val   Newcastle Herald: Jan-Jun 2020 domestic notices and index of deaths, funerals, in memoriam &                                                              probate notices only [2020]   NLP/03/2020a

Spicer, Bill and Ahearn, Lionel   Early Muswellbrook: through the lens [2020]   AH8.333/01/06

Ahearn, Lionel, ed.   Little bits of history: Volume 1 [2020]   AH8.333/01/07

Library Acquisitions  -  November 2019 to March 2020


Cavalcade of History and Fashion   Luxury & leisure [2015]   A7/26/01

Cape Banks FHS   Marouba and district memories: a collection of personal memories, recollections and                                          photographs ….  [2009]   AN8.035/01/01

Chegwidden, Cathl   Wallsend proud: then and now [2019]   AH8.287/01/07

Grenham, John   Tracing your Irish ancestors 5th Ed. [2019]   R2/10/15

Merritt, John   That voluminous squatter: W.E Abbott, Wingen [1999]   A4/ABB/01

Entwisle, Audrey M   Scone in the 1990s: public buildings [1992]   AH8.337/36/01

Entwisle, Audrey   Music makers in Scone [1995]   AH8.337/35/01

Wright, Peter A.   Memories of far off days: the memories of Charlotte May Wright 1855 - 1929 Rev. 2nd Ed.                                [1988]   A4/WRI/02

Ashford, Heather   Moving images and the theatre: the Shiralee…filming in the Upper Hunter…Scones's Civic                               Theatre   AH8.337/35/02

Bain, Mace; Humphreys, Roger, & Blandford Hayes, Gillian   The Inn, the dentists and the school: histories of:                                  St Aubins Arms, the dentists of Scone, Scone Grammar School [1988]   AH8.337/01/08

Muir, Gloria   Bunnan: a history of a small town in the Scone Shire [2018]   AH8.337/01/09

Waters, Colin   Dictionary of old trades, titles and occupations [2002]   L7/22/03

Hall, Annegret   In for the long haul, the first fleet voyage and colonial Australia: the convicts' perspective                                  [2019]   A7/14/41

Ballina Shire Council   A community at war [2014]   AN8.478/80/01

Australian Society of Sports History   Sporting Traditions   A7/30/01

Eckford, Ian P & Huxley, Doug   The Eckford family in Australa - the early years [1988]   A4/ECK/01

Duggan, Paul   The mining heritage of Wallsend and Elermore Vale [2015]   AH7/65/30

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Sep: Newcastle news [2019]   NLP/05/1933c

Snippers   NMH Newcastle news Index Jul-Sep 1933 [2019]   NLP/05/1933d

Walker, Val   Newcastle Herald: Jan-Jun 2019 domestic notices and index of deaths, funerals, in memoriam & probate notices only [2019]   NLP/03/2019a

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Sep: domestic notices & accident reports [2019]   NLP/03/1933c

Snippers   Sports reports  & results: Apr-Jun 1933 [2019]   NLP/08/1933b

Snippers   Sports reports  & results: Jul-Sep 1933 [2019]   NLP/08/1933c

Snippers   NMH 1933 Apr-Jun Suburban & Hunter News [2019]   NLP/06/1933b

               Pickett Lines: Index and Updates [2005]   A4/PIC/01a

Wyndham, Alward & McInherny, Frances, eds.    The diary of George Wyndham of Dalwood 1830-1840 [1987]                               A4/WYN/01

Wright-Burgess, M J   The Wright story: an historical account of the Wright family of Nowendoc [2002]   A4/WRI/03

Sharp, Jean & Wallace, Stephen   Mayfield girl: a woman's search for a mother's love   A4/SHA/01

Harris, Lea   John Ashford and Rebecca Cheesman-Bell: their story and more [2019]   A4/ASH/02

Wilson, Don   Driven out: a paradise lost - a memoir of the lower Hunter River islands [2018]   AH7/01/71

Ashford, Margaret, ed.   Life in the upper Hunter: Mac Bridge remembers [2019]   AH7/01/72

Hanson, William   Geographical encyclopaedia of New South Wales [1892] [original]   STACK

Snippers   NMH Newcastle news Index Apr-Jun 1932 [2019]   NLP/05/1932b

Tweddie, Penny   Indigenous Australia standing strong [2001]   A3/14/01

Tatz, Colin & Tatz, Paul   Black gold: the Aboriginal and Islander sports hall of fame [2000]   A3/14/02

Darbyshire, John & Sayers, C E   Old gold and mining towns of Australia [1975]   A7/16/06

Flower, Cedric   The Antipodes observed: prints and printmakers of Australia   A7/95/09

Rookwood Cemetery   Unofficial WW1 memorials   AN5/15/237

Preston, Diana   Paradise in chains: The Bounty mutiny and the founding of Australia [2017]   A7/01/43

Hill, David   Convict colony [2019]   A7/14/42

City of Greater Newcastle   Original roll of electors of the west ward in 1938 [1938]   AH5/25/29

Budge, Robin   Battlers all: a history of Pacific Palms and its school   AN8.428/01/01

NSW Government Printer   Electoral roll 1937 Waratah NSW [1937]   AH5/25/30

               Lysaght venture: a survey of the activities in Australia of the John Lysaght … [1935]   AH7/61/04

Grothen, John F   The history in and about Glenrock Lagoon [1982]   AH8.291/01/03

Edwards, Elisabeth   In sickness and in health: how medicine helped shape Orange's history [2011]   AN8.800/32/01

Baxter, Carol   The madness of "Mac" surnames [2018]   L2/10/54

Smith, Helen V   Google the genealogist's friend [2016]   L2/10/55

Levenick, Denise May   How to archive family photos: a step-by-step guide to organise and share your photos                                     digitally [2015]   L2/24/09

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Sep Suburban & Hunter News [2020]   NLP/06/1993c

Snippers   NMH 1933 Jul-Sep Suburban & Hunter News [2020]   NLP/06/1993d

Walker, Val   Newcastle Herald: Jul-Dec 2019 domestic notices and index of deaths, funerals, in memoriam & probate notices only [2020]   NLP/03/2019b