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Explore Further Opportunities! 

You might like to challenge yourself to try new opportunities. Below are links directly to courses, writing opportunities or videos where you can participate, volunteer or learn. Hover over the image for an idea of where the link will take you. And here is the link to the NFHS Facebook page where you can request assistance.

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Google is your friend!

There are some searches for you to try that will unlock the treasures of the world so you can see them from your lounge. Try some!

1. online tours of museums

2. free online family trees (see also NFHS Beginners)

3. best blog platforms free

4. online parish clerks

5 Lancashire Facebook groups (Insert any county or            country)

Genealogy Forums

Joining a Genealogy Forum puts you in touch with other researchers from across the world. They are more formally arranged than Facebook groups and it is necessary to be approved to join. They are a good way to ask questions about particular areas or problems and researchers will try to help solve your problem. Some examples are:

Ancestry Message boards

Cyndi's List Forums

Genealogy Specialists


Similar to forums are closed Facebook groups. Again it is necessary to request to join and be approved by administrators. All groups have administrators and rules for posting. Once you have been accepted, members of the group will try to solve your particular problem or you can just enjoy reading what others are saying.

Here is the link to the NFHS Facebook page.

The Convict Ancestry Australia page is administered by our member Laraine.

The NSW & ACT Association of Family History Society's Members Group.


Facebook is a good way to ask about particular areas or search for particular families. These groups are a great way to help others learn about the history of people in your locality, keep in touch with new websites, learn about unfamiliar locations or understand DNA.

The Genealogy Conservatory

Irish Roots Magazine (on Facebook)

DNA Detectives

Genedocs Templates

Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques

Scottish DNA

The Irish DNA Registry

Using DNA for Genealogy Australia and New Zealand