Joining NFHS 

The most valuable component of our Society is the contribution made by its members. Their combined experience and research expertise means that the best chance exists to solve research problems. Membership is open to all those interested in Family History or Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region. We welcome members from around Australia.
Our Membership Fees will increase this year - the first time since 2004.
Membership fees for the 2020-2021 Membership year commencing in March are:
Primary Membership: $45 pa. An additional family member $30 pa
New Membership: $45 plus $15 joining fee
New Half-year Membership (from September): $22.50 plus $15 joining fee
Distance Membership: $30 plus $15 joining fee (currently outside the borders of NSW) 
New members will be approved at the monthly Management meeting before they receive their new members research pack.  
The Society is accepts new members at any time but all Memberships will expire at the end of February with the exception of people who join in February. A half-year membership is made available each year from September to new people joining the Society. For a single member this will cost $32.50 ($22.50 + $15 joining fee) + $2.50 journal postage if required. A half-year membership for an additional family member at the same address will be $12.50.
Family Membership entitles each household to one copy of each Journal and Newsletter. All family members must reside at the same address.
For those residing outside NSW who are unable to frequently visit our rooms and who are generally unable to attend meetings, a distance membership is available. Distance members receive Newsletters and Journals via email and are able to access meeting notes within our growing Member Area to enable them to keep in touch with their Society. 
The advantages of membership.
  • All members are welcomed at our rooms to undertake research. No payment is required to use our resources for Members. Please remember to sign in and bring your membership card. Remember to sign out when you leave. This is a fire and safety requirement. 
  • A monthly newsletter (every month except January) keeps members in touch with events, new library resource acquisitions and other news. These newsletters are emailed to members. If members are unable to receive their Newsletter as a PDF or visit the Society to read the Newsletter on the noticeboard and would prefer to receive the Newsletter in print form, an optional postal charge of $12 is required.
  • The Society's quarterly journal may be collected from the Society or can be emailed as a PDF by request. If members are unable to visit the Society to collect their Journal and would prefer to receive it in print form, an optional postal charge of $5 would apply.
  • We publish a Members' Interests Directory (MID) during odd years in a special publication. This directory lists the research families, locations or interests of our members and ensures that all members and the Societies with whom we exchange Journals, are aware of who is researching what locality, name or names! Members are entitled to ten free entries in the MID.
  • Members are entitled to a 10% discount on their first purchase of any Society publication.
  • Once you have been a Member of the Society for a year you become eligible to borrow books from our extensive library. 
Forms to apply to be a new member are available now.
Please download the form and return it to our Secretary.
For more information about our Society you may like to explore our website to see what is available.


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