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Friday July 2 2021

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We visited Oakhampton Cemetery and Walka Water Works on Friday, 9 October, meeting at 10.00am at Walka Water Works. We car pooled to Oakhampton Cemetery, Oakhampton Road. The cemetery had recently been mown but many headstones are disappearing under flood silt and vegetation. The Arnott Family, of Arnott Biscuits are among the inhabitants. 


Lunch was a picnic at the Walka Waterworks and followed lunch with a walk around the site and the reservoir. Pat had some photos of the building in progress and notes from the Australian Engineers about the significance of the site. Did you know it became a power station for some time?

Another outing to Black Hill and Minmi Cemeteries was held on Friday, 25 September. We met at Black Hill Cemetery and Uniting Church at 388 Black Hill Road. Vicki O. from Maitland and Beyond Family History provided a lovely morning tea when we arrived and had set up the extensive research she has completed on the families buried in this charming, immaculate and fascinating little cemetery for us to read. Vicki then guided us around the cemetery and church.

At 1 o'clock we travelled the short distance to Minmi for lunch at the Minmi Hoteldered. After lunch we visited the larger Minmi Cemetery. Some members of the group told stories of some of those buried there. 


NFHS is undertaking a revision of our 2003 publication of this cemetery. If you have any ancestors there, old images of the graves or any other information that may be useful, please email our secretary on

Trades Hall
Bogey 01
Wallsend 06 Robyn
Wallsend 05 Robyn
Wallsend 02 Robyn
Wallsend 03 Robyn
Wallsend 01 Robyn
Wallsend 04 Robyn
Trades Hall
Bogey 01
Wallsend 06 Robyn
Wallsend 05 Robyn
Wallsend 02 Robyn
Wallsend 03 Robyn
Wallsend 01 Robyn
Wallsend 04 Robyn

A walk and drive tour of Wallsend was held at 10.00am on 11 September. The group met at the Old Wallsend Cemetery where some family histories of those buried there were recounted, before driving along the Minmi Road to the site of the Co-operative Colliery and the modern site of the Wallsend Station. From there we parked the cars and followed the historic markers in the main street of Wallsend. The tour finished with a loop through the medical display in the Andrew Nash Clinic, and a walk through to see Clarens, St Luke's Church and the area once known as New Ballarat. The day concluded with a large number of the group dining at the Diggers club. 

Images courtesy of Robyn and Jane

A car trip to Morpeth was our August outing. We met at the small but comprehensive Morpeth Museum in Swan Street at 10.00 am and had an explore and short historic movie. There was time to wander Morpeth’s main street using the museum pamphlet showing the town walk. Some stayed and ate in Morpeth but others went to the Bread and Water Cafe at Maitland Gaol for what ended up being a Fawlty Towers experience. Four more went to the Hunter River hotel due to the booking mishap. After lunch we returned to the Morpeth Cemetery where Ruth and Chris from Maitland and Beyond joined us and shared some stories and points of interest such as Sailors Row and significant inhabitants buried there. 

Singleton 09 Mel
Singleton 08 Mel
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Singleton 07
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Singleton 07
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A car trip to visit the Singleton Cemeteries was organised for Friday, 17 July. We met at the John Howe Memorial Reserve on Range Road and the New England Highway at 10 o'clock and listened to the history of the discovery of Singleton. From there we visited Whittingham Anglican Cemetery and travelled on to the Singleton Information Centre for coffee.

We next visited the Singleton Museum with its colonial kitchen and a laundry. We had the opportunity to research and view their extensive collection. Lunch was enjoyed at the Caledonian Hotel In Singleton.

Images courtesy of Mel


A car trip to Muswellbrook will be our first outing after the COVID 19 lockdown. We travelled independently to Muswellbrook, arriving at the car park of the library, Muswellbrook Local and Family History Society and information service by 10.00 am. where we had morning tea. The Muswellbrook folk opened their rooms. We wandered the streets of Muswellbrook using their Hertiage walk brochure and visited some of the featured locations. Attendees who had knowledge of the area shared their local knowledge. Lunch was enjoyed at the Muswellbrook Workers Club on Sydney Street. After lunch we went on a trip to the cemetery and members who had family graves shared their family stories. Another lovely day thanks to Pat who also arranged beautiful weather for our visit.

Images courtesy of Robyn and Mel

Muswellbrook 09 Mel
Muswellbrook 08 Mel
Muswellbrook 01 Robyn
Muswellbrook 02 Robyn
Muswellbrook 03 Robyn
Muswellbrook 05 Robyn
Muswellbrook 04 Robyn
Muswellbrook 06 Mel

Seniors' Week Open Day

To celebrate the NSW Seniors Festival we invited senior members of our community to an Open Day on Saturday, 22 February. Twenty-five seniors visited and toured our historic Mechanics Institute and enjoyed morning tea with the wonderful members who generously gave their time and expertise. Many people did remain and received assistance from our researchers and everyone went away happy. 

Hawkesbury Riverboat Postman

On 14 February we caught the 7.35am train headed for the Hawkesbury River in order to meet the Riverboat Postman. We left the Brooklyn Wharf to 'help' to deliver the mail to the isolated houses and communities along the Hawkesbury River. Morning tea and a ploughman’s lunch is included in the cost of the trip. The crew provides a commentary about the history of the Riverboat Postman and the Hawkesbury community. It is surprising the number of hidden secrets along the waterway. We returned to the Brooklyn Wharf at the end of the delivery and headed home.​
Images courtesy of Robyn and Mel

Postman 01 Robyn
Postman 03 Mel
Postman 05 Mel
Postman 04 Mel
Postman 02 Mel
Postman 09 Robyn
postman 07 Robyn
postman 06 Mel
postman 08 Robyn
Bligh 04 Mel
Bligh 03 Mel
Bligh 07 Mel
Bligh 08 Mel
Bligh 05 Mel
Bligh 01 Mel
Bligh 02 Mel
Bligh 06 Mel

Last Meeting of 2019 and Christmas Lunch

Meet at the reception area at Wests at 12.00 noon on Friday, 13 December for our Christmas Lunch at Wests Bistro. The eleven members who farewelled a busy year enjoyed our chat over lunch and celebrate the busy and eventful year.

National Maritime Museum - Bligh: Hero or Villain

A trip to the Australian Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour in Sydney to view Bligh: Hero or Villain, was planned for Friday, 31 January 2020. The exhibition outlining the exploits of the controversial Australian governor, William Bligh, challenged visitors to make a decision. After a coffee we experianced a guided tour of the museum before eating a delicious lunch at Yots

Christmas Tree Ornament

Newcastle City Library

A very interesting tour of the Newcastle City Library was organised by our intrepid events on Friday, 15 November. We meet in the library foyer at 9.50 am and began our tour at 10.00 am when we meet the librarian. We visited the rare books, the stack and particularly focussed on the local history section. After the tour we headed out for lunch. 

Volunteer 'Thank You' Afternoon Tea

Everyone is good at something and volunteering in some way no matter how small helps everyone else. Our Society runs on the time given by our amazing volunteers and we have had an enjoyable, inclusive and successful year thanks to them. To culminate this successful year the planning group arranged another rewarding Volunteer Thank You get-together at 2.30 pm at the Society's rooms on Sunday, 27 October.


A huge "Thank you!" to the many members who have worked hard this last year to make our Society as successful as it continues to be. Next year is promising to be just as good - if not better!


The Lambton Town walk on Saturday 26 October was led by our member Julie Keating. The group set off at 10.00 am to view the highlights of Lambton. The day was hot and windy so we really needed our water, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. As well as learning all about the fascinating old buildings, members shared family stories and their connections to the area. Afterwards we returned to the Society rooms for a very well deserved tea, coffee and a biscuit.

L Lambton 32
L Lambton 30
L Lambton 25
L Lambton 26
L Lambton 22
L Lambton 2
L Lambton 3
L Lambton 24
L Lambton 27
Paterson 8 Laraine
Paterson 12 Laraine
Paterson 11 Laraine
Paterson 10 Laraine
Paterson 5 Robyn
Paterson 9 Laraine
Paterson 7 Laraine
Paterson 3 Robyn
Paterson 2 Robyn

Paterson History Walk

On Sunday 29 September a group of members and friends travelled by car to Paterson. After a morning coffee after arriving we visited the Court House Museum across the train line in King Street run by the Paterson Historical Society

​This is a comprehensive museum and the Paterson Historical Society has a lot of fascinating displays. They also had a variety of publications for sale and our library group took full advantage of this. After our visit we stopped for lunch. Many of the group went to the old bank restaurant but some had a more relaxed picnic. To end the day we went for self-guided walk through Paterson.

Image credits: Robyn, Laraine

Wander down Macquarie Street, Sydney and Dead Central

An intrepid group caughter the early train to Sydney on Friday, 6 September after the event was postponed a week. We then travelled to Museum Station where moved to the War Memorial in Hyde Park. The Elizabeth Street, at the cascades entrance is the newest part of the Memorial and has a beautiful new extension. We were there for the 11.00 am commemoration.

From the memorial we wandered through Hyde Park to St James Church which we explored. The crypt was open and we were able to wander through. We had lunch at the French Restaurant in the front of the crypt. After leaving St James we walked along Macquarie Street, past the Hyde Park Barracks, the Mint, Sydney Hospital and its memorials to staff who served in WWI and WWII conflicts, past Parliament House and onto the Mitchell Library, part of the State Library of NSW. 

At the library we checked out the exhibitions, particularly Dead Central, which focusses on the old Devonshire Street Cemetery, now the site of Central Railway. The six episodes of the podcast, The Burial Files, provides great background to the exhibition.

Dead Central 5 Jeffiess
Dead Central 7 Woodford
Dead Central 2 Jeffriess
Dead Central 6 Woodford
Dead Central 4 Jeffriess
Dead Central 3 Jeffriess
Dead Central 1 Woodford (2)

Image Credits: Jane, Robyn and Mel

Convicts 2 Robyn
Convicts 1 Robyn
Convicts 4 Robyn
Convicts 3 Robyn
Convicts 6 Robyn
Convicts 7 Robyn
Christchurch Cathedral
Convicts 5 Robyn

Convict Newcastle

On Friday, 26 July an intrepid group met at the Old Newcastle Railway Station. We visited the old post office in Hunter Street and heard stories from the descendant of John Tucker and a little of the history of the Westminster Hotel. We then moved to the Convict Lumber Yard and heard from a descendant of William Eckford and heard the story of the Newcastle flogger. An extended visit to Fort Scratchley and a walk past the site of the Newcastle Gaol was followed by lunch. After a long walk up the hill to Christ Church Cathedral we listened to the history of the church and its location. This was followed by a tour where we were able to view the restored Birdwood Flag, the Gallipoli Flag and the Victoria Cross of Captain Clarence Smith Jeffries V.C. We finished the day with a tour of Cathedral Park where the restoration of the few remaining headstones could be viewed.

Images: Robyn and Jane

Visit to Wiseman's Ferry

At 9.45 am on Friday 28 June an intrepid group of members and friends met at the Spencer Village shops on Wisemans Ferry Road. From there they drove to the Dharug and Lower Hawkesbury Historical Society at Gunderman to have morning tea and inspected the original convict bonnets on display. From there the group travelled to the start of the Great North Road where the guide Jan pointed out the significant sites along the historic trail that eventually reaches Wollombi and Singleton.


After returning to our cars we crossed the river on the ferry to the Wisemans Ferry Hotel for lunch and a tour of Cobram Hall, Solomon’s home, built in 1826 by convict labourers and constructed of hand hewn Hawkesbury sandstone. After lunch visited the cemetery and viewed Wiseman's grave and the grave of Peter Hibbs, a pioneer who sailed with Cook and then returned as a member of the first fleet. 

It was a fabulous day with lovely weather, once the fog listed. Our thanks go again to Pat who pulled all the threads together for the tour. 

Wiseman Mel
Wiseman 9 Mel
Wiseman 8 Mel
Wiseman 7 Mel
Wiseman 6 Mel
Wiseman 5 Mel
Wiseman 4 Mel
Wiseman Robyn
Wiseman 3 Mel
SLNSW 04 Melodie
SLNSW 01 Melodie
SLNSW 02 Melodie
SLNSW 07 Melodie
SLNSW 05 Melodie
SLNSW 06 Melodie

The State Library of NSW

Our intrepid events organiser arranged two trips to the family history section of the NSW State Library to help members discover and access the wealth of information available. The tours ran on 15 March and 17 May. Most people travelled by train to Sydney where we met up and made our way to Macquarie Street for a course that gave a thorough overview of the Family History resources held by the State Library. After the course each group was taken on a tour behind the scenes underground into one of the stacks below the Library. Cafe Trim was a popular venue for lunch and then everyone investigated their past!

Image credits: Melodie, Pat and Jane

Visit and Tour of Wollombi

A merry group met at Wollombi Cemetery on Saturday, 27 April and found graves of the early pioneers and some ancestors and relatives. After moving into town the Wollombi Endeavour Museum was visited and more of the history of this fascinating location was uncovered. Some of the group travelled on to Mulla Villa for a tour of the restored homestead and a two-course meal. In the afternoon the group visited the Great North Road, viewed the remains of the original convict construction at Murray’s Run and Fernance’s Culvert before we returned home.

Wollombi 8 Robyn
Wollombi 7 Robyn
Wollombi 2 Mel
Wollombi 1 Mel
Wollombi 3 Robyn
Wollombi 9 Robyn
Wollombi 4 Robyn
Wollombi 6 Robyn
Wollombi 5 Robyn
Rookwood 9 Hannelly
Rookwood 8 Hannelly
Rookwood 7 Woodford
Rookwood 6 Woodford
Rookwood 5 Hannelly
Rookwood 4 Hannelly
Tour Meeting Point image
Rookwood Necropolis
Rookwood 3 Jeffries

Visit and Tour of

Rookwood Cemetery

A number of members met for a tour of this historic and very beautiful cemetery on Friday 29 March 2019. It was wonderful to meet Sydney members of our Facebook group who were able to join us on the day. A car tour by our guest speaker from March, Mark Bundy was extensive and informative. 

After lunch, there was time for individual research opportunities and much assistance was given by the staff of the General Office and the Catholic Office and our organiser Pat who did all the co-ordinating. 

Photo credits go to:

Robyn, Melodie, Mike and Lis

Newcastle Museum 

Our Stockton Walk was very popular and provided an opportunity and the impetus to do something different. A similar get-together to our Stockton Walk was planned on Friday, 22 February. We visited the Newcastle Museum and examined the displays highlighting Newcastle's history. There were a number of fascinating displays. Those who attended enjoyed a convivial chat and then feasted on a lovely lunch at the Clarendon Hotel.

Seniors festival.JPG

Seniors Week 2019 Open Day

Saturday, 16 February was an opportunity for visitors from our community to visit our rooms. From 10.45am until 3.15pm our volunteers chatted, advised, assisted in researching and gave tours to the many people who came to the Society to visit. Our library was packed and during the day we all thoroughly enjoyed the 'morning' tea that our members provided. Thank you to our volunteers for their help and advice and a big thank you to the visitors who came. I think everyone went home with some new ideas to help them in their research. We were so busy we forgot to take any pictures!

Share a story - Shipwreck Walk, Stockton

Our first Share the Story Event for 2019 at 10.00 am on Friday, 25 January took 15 people to the Stockton Breakwater to walk the Ship Wreck Walk. In the group there were descendants from the lifeboat crews and discussions about various aspects of the harbour were shared. Most of the group returned to share more stories over coffee and a delicious light lunch at Lexie's on the Beach. The weather was kind and an onshore breeze helped to keep us cool.


The Lambton Time Capsule Excavation - A Message from Robert Watson

The Time Capsule Excavation happened last Wednesday under the supervision of a professional archaeologist from Sydney. The operation started at 7am and finished at 4pm.


With such a careful procedure, we couldn’t expect a thousand people to be patient on a Saturday while we did this work. As it turned out, the bottle was concreted in and buried so deep that people outside the fence couldn't actually see the bottle at all.






Also, we expected the contents to be a soggy mess, and the archaeologist extracted the rolled up wad, placing it immediately into tissue paper. Then it went straight to the Museum’s workshop in town. There it will be carefully dried, unfolded, and photographed.

So, on 20 October, the Celebration will include 'revealing' the contents and displaying them, and people can file past and see it all. There will be a lot of action happening, and we are working hard to recreate a picnic feel, much like Lambton had when it was a small township a century ago.

Robert has provided us with a Facebook video giving information about

the dig. Make sure your sound is turned on and you have clicked the

full screen mode (- bottom right corner of video. Use the escape key to


This project is a joint effort between the Lambton Residents Group

and the City of Newcastle.

Robert's account of the historic reburial of the new time capsule may be found on the back page of our December 2018 Journal (Issue 224).