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Maintaining our heritage building

Updated: Feb 14

The Lambton Mechanics Institute is managed by a trust who since the Newcastle earthquake of 1989 have continued to organise repairs. It is composed of two buildings, the brick Mechanics Institute on Elder Street, Lambton and the smaller wooden Institute Hall positioned behind the brick building and joined to it with a mall passageway.

Our volunteers are working to make any disturbances minimal as outdated resources and old furniture is removed. Within the last year the Trust has received grants to build a new disabled toilet and add a new kitchenette. Some years ago the Trust replaced the leaking roof and dealt with the rising damp. This has improved movement in the Blue Room.

Solid yet lightweight work tables have been purchased for our meeting room so moving them for meetings is not difficult to do.

In the storeroom beneath the interior stairs and off the Blue Room, the broken articles have been removed thanks again to the Trust, so the area is now available for storage. We have purchased solid freestanding shelving so much of the material currently in our rooms will be able to soon be moved into this storeroom.

There are other plans under consideration to create more space in our rooms. If you have any suggestions or can assist in any way please send ideas to Management by email or by a message in the suggestion box. Our improvements are taking time so we thank everyone for being patient while we reorganise!

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