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Our Tours of Sandgate

Congregational Section - Sunday 26 May 2019

Since we began our tours of Sandgate the event has become much more streamlined. In 2019 our tour was not the only thing happening at Sandgate as Northern Cemeteries arranged these other events. ​

  1. Virtual Tour at the Information Tent

  2. Flower Display near the office

  3. Artwork Display in the Chapel

  4. Therapeutic Harpist at the Chapel

  5. Photo Display at the Office

  6. History of Grave Digging at the Lawn Cemetery

  7. A Hearse, Coffin and Casket Display near the Greek Section

  8. A Coffee Van near the office

  9. Food Stalls and tent near the Garden of the Innocents

  10. ABC Newcastle Radio near the coffee van

  11. Fundraiser Sausage Sizzle at the Mortuary Station

  12. Marching Koalas performed near the Mortuary Station

In 2018 our tour covered the Presbyterian Cemetery.

In 2017 our tour covered the Catholic 2 and Church of England 2 cemeteries. Sandgate Cemetery opened the Chapel.

Our first tour in 2016 was the initiative of our former member Heather. It covered graves in the Catholic 1 and Church of England 1 cemeteries, the area covering some of the oldest graves in Sandgate.

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