School Photo Project

The year 2002 saw the commencement of our School Photo Project. Anyone who browses through this collection is amazed at the number of images and names already collected. People are asked to contribute, with as many names as possible, either through the mail, (photocopies, please don't post originals) or scans to us directly by e-mail any school photos they might have, along with those of their children, and any other relations or friends, to the Society. Personal visitors to our library can lend originals and a copy will be made and the photo returned as soon as possible.  

A file containing copies of class photos, groups, buildings and activities and information for each school will go towards the formation of this great resource. All schools will be covered:- public and private, pre-schools, infants, primary and secondary, special schools (e.g. hospital schools); and those now non-existent as well as those where the name has been changed.  

Thank you to all who have been able to contribute so far to this project.  In 2003 the scope was widened to include photos sourced from the whole of Australia and from pre-school to tertiary level. So please keep hunting out the old school photos, as well as the new.

The Society is keen to develop new projects and would welcome ideas or members who would like to develop a new project.